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Evaluation & Research

The Center for Human Services Research staff:

  • Design evaluations and research studies utilizing qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Conduct evaluation studies using primary and secondary data
  • Analyze data and provide useful feedback to service providers and policy makers

Designing Evaluations and Research Studies
CHSR uses multiple research methods that are most appropriate for the research purpose and populations being studied. CHSR staff have experience with sampling design, conducting extensive literature reviews, constructing surveys and interview instruments, developing focus group questions, and assessing the reliability and validity of existing data. We are familiar with standardized measurement tools and can assist recommending them as needed.

Conducting Evaluations and Research Studies
CHSR staff are well versed in the art of content analysis; participant observation; different means of survey administration, including telephone, mail, and on-line surveys; telephone and in-person interviews with and without computer assisted personal interview systems (CAPI); leading focus groups; extracting data from case files and agency databases; and conducting document reviews.

Analyzing Data and Providing Feedback
CHSR staff have extensive experience in the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data. Staff are skilled at managing and analyzing large and small data sets using the most appropriate statistical methods and programs. Findings are presented to offer usable feedback to a wide range of stakeholders including sponsors, agencies, service providers, families, and the general public. We have mapping graphics and capacities to visually display data in a variety of ways consistent with partner needs. CHSR produces evaluation briefs, policy papers, and technical reports for our clients; we actively present at conferences across the country, and we publish in peer-reviewed journals.

Evaluation & Research Projects

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