Global Center of Innovation on
Standards and Solutions for Object Identification Technologies in the
Global Art and Collectibles Industry

On October 12, 2015, The Global Center of Innovation for i2M Standards at the University at Albany launches the i2M Standards certifications initiative. The i2M Standards will embody technical, scientific and policy attributes for all solutions seeking the Center's i2M Standards certifications, which will be based on best-in-class specifications derived from leading public-private stakeholder engagements and collaborations.

The Goal
The goal of this partnership is to create a platform on which all market stakeholders can engage and protect both their legacies and the art industry as a whole through new solutions.

Market stakeholders include:

  • International trade regulators
  • Financial services
  • Property insurance sectors
  • Museum community
  • Artist estates
  • Foundations
  • Living artists

The Center brings together academic and private sector stakeholders from around the world to establish collaboratively definitive, third-party, peer-reviewed industry standards and solutions for object-identification and authentication of art and collectibles.

To find more information on how to collaborate with the Global Center of Innovation for the i2M Standards based at the University at Albany, yet global in its collaboration, please visit

The i2M trademark, logo and related trademarks are owned by the Global Center of Innovation for the i2M standards, University at Albany Foundation.

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