Outreach Mission

Our mission is to improve lines of communication about health and healthcare among UAlbany faculty, local minority communities and health care providers. We work with community-based organizations, healthcare practitioners, students, and K-12 schools serving high percentages of minority populations. 


  • Develop, define, disseminate and measure key health challenges
  • Equip community leaders to participate in community-based research and partner with investigators in research studies and interventions
  • Empower, organize and support communities to address health disparities
  • Develop a framework needed to achieve resolutions and outcomes to identified challenges

Greg Owens, Co-Director, liaison from Macedonia Baptist Church Initiatives in Community Development.

Greg Owens, LMSW, specializes in Criminal and Juvenile Justice. He has worked as a clinician and manager in various settings including residential treatment and community-based organizations and has worked for NYS Division for Youth/Office for Children and Family Services for 25 years. He is currently the Director of Special Populations and is responsible for statewide initiatives including mentoring, youth gangs and violence, disproportionate minority representation, cultural competence and responsible fatherhood.

Raven Profit, Community Outreach Liaison | Graduate Research Assistant 
Albany Community Health Task Force,
Ph: 518-442-5976

Email: rprofit@albany.edu 

Raven Profit received dual Bachelor's of Arts and Science degree from the University at Albany. Currently she is a pre-medical post- baccalaureate scholar at the Sage Colleges. She also is a Consultant with two consulting firms in collaboration with the Federal Children’s Bureau where she conducts reviews of states child welfare agencies. Prior to joining CEMHD, Raven studied medical Spanish terminology abroad in Santiago, Chile. Raven is an active participant in child welfare reform efforts and assists foster children by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to navigate the U.S. child welfare system. She is currently studying to become a licensed Physician and is interested in spearheading change in health outcomes through medicine, education and public health. She has been highlighted by UAlbany World of Difference, New York Daily News, Children’s Rights Magazine and CNN News. 

Patricia Cabrera, Community Outreach Liaison | Graduate Research Assistant 

Amsterdam Minority Health Task Force

Ph: 517-442-4918 

Email: pcabrera@albany.edu 

Patricia Cabrera is originally from Tampa Florida. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Central Florida. Prior to her graduate training, she worked as a research coordinator at Moffitt Cancer Hospital, which sparked her interest in better understanding the intersection of physical and mental health outcomes. Since beginning her training in the Counseling Psychology doctoral program in 2011, Patricia has collaborated on several research projects, engaged in clinical work, and continued her active involvement in community service. Currently, her research interests focus on better understanding quality of life outcomes and resiliency building in populations with physical health deterioration and trauma, with particular attention to the ways in which such conditions influence romantic relationships, families, and treatment outcomes.