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How does state education agency policy affect elementary language arts curriculum and instruction?
(Anne McGill-Franzen, Richard Allington, principal investigators)

An analysis of state curriculum frameworks, task force reports, and other policy documents related to state efforts to improve student achievement in language arts at the elementary level in four states provided information about policy formulation. Interviews with state education agency personnel, school and district administrators, and teachers regarding implementation of new policy initiatives showed how state mandated policies are enacted in the classroom (or not).

Results are shared in the following:

  • Effects of Reading Policy on Classroom Instruction and Student Achievement (Report, 2000)
  • The Relationship between Reading Policy and Reading Instruction: A Recent History (Report, 2000)
  • Looking Back, Looking Forward: A Conversation about Teaching Reading in the 21st Century (Report, 1999)
  • Teachers' Use of New Standards, Frameworks, and Assessments: Local Cases of NYS Elementary Grade Teachers (Article Abstract, 2002)
  • How Do Teachers View and Use New English Language Arts Standards? (Article, p. 2,  English Update Newsletter, Spring 1998)

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