CEHC Adjuncts

    Anderson, Ian

    Adjunct Instructor
    Email: ianderson@albany.edu

    Daley, Jaime L.

    Adjunct Instructor
    Email: jldaley@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Homeland Security, Cybersecurity, Criminal and Cyber-based Threats

    Domkowski, Dan

    Adjunct Professor
    Email: ddomkowski@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Computer Network Operations (CNO), Intrusion Discovery, and All-Source Intelligence Analysis

    Hastings, Terry

    Adjunct Instructor
    Email: thastings@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Disaster preparedness and resiliency, measuring and assessing preparedness, crisis leadership

    McCarty, Dennis

    Adjunct Instructor
    Email: dmccarty@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Human Trafficking, Homeland Security Training & Exercises

    Orr, Ryan

    Adjunct Instructor
    Email: rmorr@albany.edu

    Research Interests: College-level writing within and outside the classroom, academic success, & perspective on the roles of student and teacher

    Scicchitano , John

    Adjunct Instructor
    Email: jscicchitano@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Public, Private, and Philanthropic Partnerships for emergency preparedness and response; food security; water and sanitation; community resilience; clean energy equity for low income populations

    Sin, Steve S.

    Adjunct Instructor
    Phone: 518-956-8180
    Email: ssin@albany.edu

    Research Interests: emergency preparedness and management; illicit trafficking of radiological and nuclear materials; terrorist use of cyber domain; emerging technology; Northeast Asia regional security; intelligence/counterintelligence operations; and counter-terrorism training, exercise, and curriculum development

    Tran, Toan

    Adjunct Instructor
    Email: ttran@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Normative and applied ethics, formal logic, aesthetics, moral psychology

    Vitek , Andrew

    Adjunct Instructor
    Email: avitek@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Security sector policy and reform, terrorism and radicalization, political violence, pedagogy, counter-terrorism, preparedness and training

    Wright, Stacey

    Adjunct Instructor
    Email: swright@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Strategic, operational, and tactical intelligence on state, local, tribal, and territorial government cyber issues