Graduate Programs

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences offers a variety of master's and doctoral degrees through its Computer Science and Information Science Departments.  Graduate degrees are excellent preparation for careers in top corporations or university research centers. Recent graduates have gone on to rewarding and challenging positions in such leading corporations as Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo!

The Department of Computer Science provides a master’s degree in computer science. The Department of Information Science provides students the opportunity to earn a Master of Science degree in information science, or an M.S. in information science in combination with an M.A. in either English or history.  

A doctoral degree in computer science is available through the Department of Computer Science and a doctoral degree in information science is available through the Department of Information Science.

Computer Science

The M.S. degree provides a solid foundation in computer science theory and practice, fully preparing students for a career in computing or for further study leading to a doctorate. Advanced undergraduates can also pursue a joint B.S./M.S. in computer science through UAlbany. Computer science graduates can look forward to careers in programming, systems analysis, network administration, database development, security analysis, IT, software engineering, and more. Details about requirements for admission and degree requirements for an M.S. in Computer Science can be found on the departmental web site.

Student and professor working togetherThe Ph.D. program prepares students for productive careers as computer science research scholars in universities, or as computer science researchers in industrial research and development or government agencies. The program develops the student's ability to recognize and formulate significant research problems, to express those using appropriate abstract models, to apply theoretical and/or experimental techniques for their solution, and to transmit the results to the scientific community. Students must have a bachelor’s degree to apply. Other details about requirement for admission and degree requirements can be found on the departmental web site.

Information Science

The M.S. in Information Science prepares students for jobs where the generation, management, and use of information is the dominant or essential requisite. Two programs combine the M.S.I.S. and the M.A. in either English or history. Details about requirements for admission and degree requirements can be found on the departmental web site.

The Department of Information Science also offers a Certificate of Advanced Study, a post-master’s degree that allows students to pursue individualized programs related to information. Joint B.A./M.S.I.S. and B.S./M.S.I.S. degree programs are available as well.

A Master's degree in information science is excellent preparation for individuals seeking careers as information professionals, archivists, librarians or media specialists. Other students may combine an information science major with an appropriate minor, which can lead to careers in information-dependent areas of business, government or education.

The Ph.D. in Information Science is an interdisciplinary program that encompasses research, teaching, and the application of research to practice. Graduates can look forward to excellent job opportunities, whether directly in the field of computing and information science, or by applying their expertise in information science to positions within the business, government, education or nonprofit sectors. Details about admission requirements and the program of study can be found on the departmental web site.

Student and mentor working togetherNext Steps

All students including International students can learn more about applying for graduate study from the College and through the Graduate Education Office.

Visit the Graduate Education website for more information about application deadlines and requirements or begin your application process for graduate study today.