The College of Computing & Information Empowering People Through Information

"We prepare UAlbany students to succeed in the information-rich world they will inhabit, and through our research we help create that world." The College of Computing & Information (CCI) at the University at Albany, State University of New York is one of the first academic units in the country to combine strong technical education and research with an application-oriented perspective that ensures that information systems effectively serve the needs of individuals and organizations, "Empowering People Through Information."

Department of Computer Science
Students here learn about algorithms (a set of rules for computations) and the problems they might solve. Computer Science leads to careers in programming, systems analysis, network administration, database development, security analysis, IT, software engineering, and more.

Department of Informatics
Informatics is concerned with applying technology to specific disciplines, with targeted programs in government, education, business, sciences and the humanities. Informatics courses complement all disciplines at UAlbany by introducing an IT perspective (e.g., programming, online searching and database application) to any field. Affiliated Informatics faculty expand the reach of the Information Science Ph.D. program into new interdisciplinary academic and research programs with units all across the campus.

Department of Information Studies
Students in this field learn how information is originated, represented, organized, retrieved and how it is used. In preparing students to interact with the users of information, it educates them for careers such as information technology specialist, librarian, records manager, archivist, media specialist and others.

To understand how these three departments may help advance specific interests in the fields of computing and information visit the "Selecting a Program" page.