Faculty of Distinguished Scholars

The College’s faculty members come from a broad range of scholarly disciplines and have distinguished themselves by their excellence in teaching and research. Outstanding educators, they expertly present a curriculum of remarkable breadth and depth, providing superior instruction and mentoring for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Groundbreaking Research

These top educators and scholars also conduct world-class research in an exciting environment that helps enhance our ability to use information and information technology to improve our world.

CCI researchers excel at the full spectrum of basic and applied research — from artificial intelligence to youth services in libraries. Such real world applied research provides practical experience for students, assists many partner organizations in improving their operations, and adds to society’s common welfare.

All doctoral students must conduct original research. They should begin thinking about their broad research topic and discuss it with faculty as early as possible.

For a complete listing of faculty, see the Faculty pages of the Computer Science, Informatics and Information Studies departments.

Faculty and Staff Lists by Department