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The CCD Lab is devoted to the study of two areas of interest: a) developmental psychopathology and b) pediatric psychology. Research studies conducted at the CCD Lab have examined the development of problem behaviors in a variety of child populations, ranging from preschoolers in a Head Start program to children with chronic medical conditions.

CENTRAL THEMES: In studying the prediction of behavioral and emotional problems in children, lab research has investigated the role of social, emotional, cognitive, familial, and biological factors. Factors of particular interest include temperament, emotion regulation and coping, and parenting variables.

METHODS OF ASSESSMENT: The lab is committed to the utilization of multiple methods of assessment, in order to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the development of behavioral and emotional problems. In many of our studies, children visit the lab with their parents to complete an assessment battery that involves cognitive testing and behavioral tasks. The lab also incorporates self-report measures and semi-structured interviews of both children and parents.

LAB STRUCTURE: The day-to-day operations of the CCD Lab are run by a team of clinical doctoral students and undergraduates at UAlbany, all of whom are supervised by Dr. Leslie Halpern.

CCDL LOCATION: The lab is located at the University at Albany's Uptown Campus, in the basement of the Business Administration Building, B27. Click here to view a map of the campus.











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