Purchasing Hardware

The University strongly encourages faculty and staff to purchase Dell or Apple computers since the PC Service Center is a certified Dell Repair Center and has a service agreement with Apple. The PC Service Center negotiates prices with Dell to provide up-to-date models suitable for our working environment at reasonable prices. All computers must be purchased with a warranty with a minimum five-year complete care warranty which covers any repairs for the life of the warranty.

Price quotes for PCs, laptops, and printers are available on the PC Services website.  You can also contact us for quotes at any time.

PC Services website (University network login required):

If you are planning to purchase equipment based off a grant or award, please be aware there are a number of restrictions and/or requirements that may prevent you from purchasing the equipment.  Please check with your grant or award documentation for these.

Faculty and staff can also configure and cost out computers by visiting the Dell and Apple Higher Education sites, but should contact us before making a final purchase. Many times we are able to negotiate a more attractive quote from a vendor or can suggest a configuration that might be more appropriate for on-campus use.

When purchasing Dell desktops, please consider ordering Optiplexes or Precisions.  For laptops we recommend Latitudes or the smaller XPS ultrabooks. Dimensions, certain XPS machines, and lower-end Optiplex machines are intended for home or small business use, and the Vostro line of machines are not supported as they are low-end business machines. The Optiplex model is ideal as it is the common enterprise model computer used on-campus and thus allows us to have more experience and parts on-hand for repair.  Machines purchased out of this scope may result in longer turnaround time and possible costs for troubleshooting and repair.

For printers we suggest Hewlett Packard for printers since most can be repaired on site. Feel free to check the Hewlett Packard web page for information on different models but also check the PC Services website (here) to see the suggested models for campus-use.  Dell offers a line of Lexmark printers which cannot be repaired on-site.  Inkjet printers and desktop multifunction models are not supported.

All purchases should be delivered to the name of the faculty/staff receiving the computer care of CAS Computing followed by our delivery address. Some vendors will require you to choose an 'inside delivery' option, which may result in a fee.

All purchases once received must have a New Asset Receipt form filled out and tagged by the Office of Equipment Management.  Machines intended to be used off-campus also require the Off-Campus Use Authorization form filled out.  Equipment must be tagged to be serviced by CAS Computing and PC Service Center. These forms are located on the OEM website:

If you have any questions or would like to make a finalized purchase decision, please contact us.