Purchasing Computers, Software and Related Equipment

CAS Computing is always willing to meet with faculty and staff to assist in the configuration of a computer and associated software and peripherals.  Please inform us before purchasing any non-standard equipment, large numbers of computers, or software that will require a server.  If in doubt, check with CAS Computing before ordering.

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New Faculty
New faculty often receive startup funds to purchase computers and related equipment.  Since it takes some time to apply for and receive a procurement card, CAS Computing will work with new faculty in choosing computer(s), software and related equipment and then will purchase the computer and transfer the expenditure to the faculty member’s startup account. 

Supported Equipment
List of equipment supported by PC Service Center: 
http://www.albany.edu/its/svc_pcsvc.php.  Click on the Supported Equipment link. 

The PC Service Center is certified to repair Dell and Apple computers.  CAS Computing is also most familiar with Dell and Apple equipment.  Other brands can be purchased but will take longer to configure and repair so unless there is a real need for a specific brand, it is best to purchase from Apple or Dell.  In the Dell line of computers, users should purchase Optiplexes and Latitudes since these are designed for enterprise use.  XPS laptops can be purchased if a lighter laptop is required.  If a high end computational computer is required, Precision workstations are recommended but will not be repaired by the PC Service Center.  The low prices might be tempting but stay away from the entire Inspiron line and XPS desktops.  These are designed for home use.  To get support from the PC Service Center, a minimum of a 3 year warranty must be purchased, 5 years is preferred.  3 to 5 year Accident coverage should be purchased for laptops. 

The PC Service Center is certified to repair HP laser printers.  Ink jet printers and multi-function printers (MFPs) are not supported.  A service contract should be purchased from the vendor to handle repairs for expensive ink jets, MFPs and non HP printers.  CAS Computing supports the printing function of lasers, ink jets and MFPs and will connect them to the network if the printer is networkable.  CAS Computing will not support the scanning to network or scanning to email functionality of MFPs. 

Other Equipment
CAS Computing will install and support all computer related equipment on a best effort basis.

Purchasing Accounts
Accounts for Purchasing Computers
Dell – Email Barry Warriner at
Barry_Warriner@dell.com to request a Premier Account.  Request the account if you will be purchasing often for your department. 
Apple – There is an involved vetting process for acquiring an Apple purchasing account.  For most departments, it is not worth it.  CAS Computing will be happy to get quotes for you. 

Purchasing - Dell
    • Start with the University quotes available at
    • For minor changes, email Barry Warriner (
Barry_Warriner@dell.com) and attach the
      original quote and detail the desired changes.
    • The quotes tend to be configured with smaller monitors.  Often upgrading to a larger
       size is $50 or less.
    • To order other configurations, go to
www.dell.com logging into Premier if you have
       an account.  If you have an account, configure the computer desired and order
    • If you don’t have an account, configure the desired computer and either print to a
      PDF or cut and paste into an email.  Send the email to
cascomp@albany.edu and we
      will get a quote.  Once you have the quote, call Barry Warriner 
      (number is on the quote) and order the computer referencing the quote number. 
    • Have the computer delivered to CAS Computing, BA 364.  Put your name or the
      owner of the computer’s name in the name field so we know who the computer is 

Purchasing - Apple
    • Go to
www.apple.com and configure the computer.
    • Be sure to include AppleCare which is required by the PC Service Center for
    • Print the configuration to a PDF or copy and paste into an email and send it to
cascomp@albany.edu.  CAS Computing will then get a quote/proposal.
    • To order the computer, call the 1-800 number on the quote.
    • Have the computer delivered to CAS Computing, BA 364 but ask the operator to put
      the name of the owner of the computer or your name in the 
      “Customer Reference Data” field.

Purchasing Printers
    • Quotes for HP printers are available at
    • Instructions for ordering are included in the quote.
    • Have printers delivered to your location.
    • Once the printer arrives, if it needs to be put on the network, email 
    • Contact vendor directly to order MFPs.  Remember only the printing function is 
      supported by CAS Computing.  Please remember to purchase a service contract. 

Purchasing Software
    • Quotes for reduced pricing for software are available at
    • Additional software and software for personally owned computers is available at

Office of Equipment Management (OEM) Forms
    • All forms are located at
    • New computers require a New Asset Receipt Form.
    • Laptops and University computers located off campus require an Off Campus Use 
      Authorization Form.