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CAS File Shares Will Be Unavailable on 8/13 From 5pm to 8pm Due to Data Center Move

As you know, ITS has completed a significant portion of its migration of computer services to the new data center.  However, there are still a few upcoming outages to be mindful of.  The first outage, which only affects CAS is the move of the CAS file shares (for example, O: and R: drives), scheduled for Wednesday, 8/13 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.  Files on the CAS file shares will be unavailable during this time.  For more information on the CAS file shares see  If files located on these shares are needed during the outage, copy the files to another location before the scheduled outage to ensure access when needed.  Files can be copied to the local hard drive, external drives or a cloud based service.
Please also remember the following scheduled outages which will affect the entire University.  For more detail, see
Wednesday, 8/6 5:00 PM to 7:00PM - Lincoln file shares (U and V drives)
All Lincoln file shares will be unavailable.  This includes the personal share or U drive.  Please copy any files that are needed during the downtime to your local hard drive, external hard drive or cloud based service.  CAS file shares (O: drive, R: drive) will be available.
Friday, 8/8, 6:00 PM through Saturday, 8/9, 6:00 PM
Most University IT services will be unavailable.  All ITS and CAS file shares are expected to be available but if access to files is absolutely needed during the downtime, I suggest that you copy the files needed to another location to ensure access when needed.  This will provide you an alternative way to work on these files should something unexpected occur.  Files can be copied to the local hard drive, external drives or a cloud based service.  A few limited services will be available during the downtime but it is best to be prepared for no access.
If you have questions or need assistance copying your files from network shares, email  Thank you. 
Helen Strother
CAS Computing Services
College of Arts and Sciences
University at Albany