CAS Computing News

PaperCut and Multi-Function Printers (MFPs)

The college has purchased Papercut software that will allow CAS Computing to centrally manage the use of printers and supported multi-function printers. Papercut is a replacement for PrintManager for reports on departmental printer use. Please email CAS Computing at if you would like to run reports on the use of the printers and/or MFPs in your department.

In the past, CAS Computing did not support the scanning function of MFPs due to the lack of centralized support. Papercut allows CAS Computing to remotely configure the scanning function on MFPs supported by Papercut. MFPs currently on campus will need to purchase a Papercut license at a cost of approximately $600. Yearly maintenance and renewal is $180. Contact CAS Computing at if you would like to add Papercut functionality to your current MFP.

If your department is planning on purchasing a new MFP, Toshiba is on state contract and add-ons can be purchased for Papercut. Pricing for Toshiba MFPs including Papercut licensing can be found here. If you plan on purchasing another brand of MFP, many can support Papercut with add-ons at a cost similar to what was mentioned above.

CAS Computing will now support the scanning function of MFPs that support Papercut. The department is responsible for the purchase and yearly maintenance of the Papercut license. The PC Service Center will not repair MFPs so a maintenance contract is still required. Email if you have additional questions or concerns.