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2013-14 Presidential Awards for Undergraduate Research

The Presidential Award for Undergraduate Research recognizes exemplary student work in research and scholarship. Each student submitted a project that was evaluated by his or her department and then the College prior to selection. Many projects were the result of capstone coursework in the majors and undergraduate research assistantships, experiences that emphasize mastery and application of disciplinary knowledge. This year, twelve students from the College of Arts and Sciences received the award.

 Anthony Balzano HISTORY
  An Ideological Schism: More Regulation or Less?
  Faculty Advisor: Professor Carl Bon Tempo
 Rachel Brotman    PSYCHOLOGY
  Learning To Differentiate “Mates” From ”Maids”: Optimal Training Strategies To  Reduce Cognitive Uncertainty When Remembering Accented Speech
  Faculty Advisor: Professor Laurie Feldman
  Molecular mechanisms of adaptation to SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus) at the host CD4 locus
  Faculty Advisor: Professor Caro-Beth Stewart
 Alvin George     PSYCHOLOGY
  LPS-induced inflammation facilitates insulin resistance and neurodegeneration characteristic of Alzheimer's disease
  Faculty Advisor: Professor Ewan McNay
  The 5'-Untranslated Region of SOCS2 mRNA, a Gene Involved in Successful Central Nervous System Axon Regeneration in Xenopus laevis, is Alternatively Spliced
  Faculty Advisor: Professor Ben Szaro
  Elementary inequalities about Mahler measure of polynomials
  Faculty Advisor: Professor Rongwei Yang
 Jeremy Manheim CHEMISTRY
  Differentiation of Human, Animal and Synthetic Hair by ATR FTIR Spectroscopy for Forensic Purposes
  Faculty Advisor: Professor Igor Lednev
 Marisa Mazart     ENGLISH
  Breaking Bad: on the Western Genre and Audience Reception
  Faculty Advisor: Professor Jennifer Greiman
 Gabriella Melillo PSYCHOLOGY
  The effect of emotional intelligence on the relationship between negative mood and risk taking
  Faculty Advisor: Professor Edelgard Wulfert
  The Role of the DDX6 Prion-like Domain in Hepatitis C Virus Gene Expression and Virus Assembly
  Faculty Advisor: Professor Cara Pager
  Obligatory Contour Principle violations in a previously undocumented dialect of Manyika (Bantu)
  Faculty Advisor: Professor Lee Bickmore
 Emily Wierzboyski ENGLISH
  The Isolated Self: A Re-imagining of the Human in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Mamoru Oshii's Ghost in the Shell films
  Faculty Advisor: Professor Patricia Chu