CAS Information for Faculty and Staff

For forms that require signatures: Print the form, get appropriate signatures, mail or fax the signed form to the appropriate person or place.

For forms that do not require signatures: Attach the form to an email to the appropriate person or place. Be sure to follow any specific instructions for forms.

For forms in Excel format:  These are best viewed by saving the file first.  Maximize the view after opening the file.

For questions about the items in this list, contact the individual(s) associated with each section.

Jay Oddi, Assistant to the Dean

University at Albany Handbook

CAS Bylaws

Department Chair Manual

Quick Links to Resources for New Faculty Members

Kathy Gersowitz, Assistant Dean/Academics
Cindy Endres, Secretary to the Dean

2015-2016 CAS Teaching Template[Purpose and Use: see the Department Chair Manual]

Course Action Form (Word)
This form is used to submit course and curricular changes. Submit via email in MS Word to Cindy Endres as an attachment. Please combine all attachments into one document (course action form, e-mail approvals from cross-listing Department Chairs, syllabus, gened forms and associated requirements). In addition, program related proposals should also be accompanied by the UPPC Campus Impact Form (PDF).

Handling disruptive behavior in the classroom

Course Buy-out Policy

Policy on Absence of Instructors from Class

Student Academic Grievance Procedures (CAS)

Syllabus Requirements Graduate Courses

Syllabus Storage Policy

Travel Approval Form (the travel form must be submitted before travel date)

Undergraduate Regulations including Syllabus Requirements and Standards of Academic Integrity

Scheduling Request Sheets and Section Correction Forms (in Excel format)
Email to: Cindy Endres
Please use the following naming convention: SheetName_DPT_mm-dd-yy.xlsx
SheetName = SRS, SCF, SSCF, SSRS, WSCF or WSRS (in uppercase letters)
DPT = official three-letter department (in uppercase letters)
mm-dd-yy = month-day-year (i.e., 01-01-15)
To use: Right click link - save as:

Scheduling Request Sheet SRS_DPT_mm-dd-yy
Section Correction Form SCF_DPT_mm-dd-yy
Summer Scheduling Request Sheet SSRS_DPT_mm-dd-yy
Summer Section Correction Form SSCF_DPT_mm-dd-yy
Winter Scheduling Request Sheet WSRS_DPT_mm-dd-yy
Winter Section Correction Form WSCF_DPT_mm-dd-yy

Assistantships, Fellowships & Scholarships
Kathy Gersowitz, Assistant Dean/Academics (Graduate)
Jay Oddi, Assistant to the Dean (Undergraduate)

CAS Assistantship / Fellow Information [2013-2014]
  Graduate Assistantships, Fellowships and Tuition Scholarships 2014-15 Guidelines for Departments
  The Jagadish Garg Doctoral Award

The Lawrence and Marie Shore Graduate Scholarship Application

Presidential Awards for Undergraduate Research

Tuition Scholarship Award Application

Tuition Scholarship Request Form for Externally Funded Assistantships [2014-15]

Steve Galime Assistant Dean/Budget & Personnel, Chief Administrative Officer

CAS Spending Plan Template (Excel)

Elizabeth Gaffney, Assistant Dean/Facilities

Alcohol Use Registration Form

CAS Conference Rooms

Classroom Reservations and Changes

SUNY Card Access Application

Faculty Council & Council of Chairs
Jay Oddi, Assistant to the Dean

CAS Faculty Council

Council of Chairs

Human Resources/Compliance
Steve Galime, Assistant Dean/Budget & Personnel, Chief Administrative Officer

University at Albany Handbook

Employee Access and Compliance Agreement

CAS Request for Administrative Access [mandatory]

Human Resources Forms (link to Human Resources Management)

CAS Checklist for New Tenure-Track Faculty Appointments

CAS Recruitment Checklist

Research and Scholarly/Creative Activity Support
TBD, Agency Program Aide
Steve Galime, Assistant Dean/Budget & Personnel, Chief Administrative Officer (Sabbaticals)

CAS Conference Travel Fund Program Application
Course Buy-out Policy
Drescher Application Checklist
Office for Sponsored Programs Applications and Forms
Sabbatical Policy Statement
Sabbatical Request Attachment - Required Declarations
Sabbatical Request Check List
Travel Approval Form (the travel form must be submitted before travel date)
Tips for Success with COEUS Review
  CAS Research Information Webpage 

Support Services
Elizabeth Gaffney, Assistant Dean/Facilities

CAS Computing Services

CAS Technical Services

Performing Arts Center (PAC)

Tenure & Promotion
Marie Rabideau, Assistant Dean/Planning and Tenure/Promotion

CAS Tenure Track Faculty 3-2-2 Renewal Policy

CAS Guidelines for Conducting Pre-Tenure Faculty Contract Renewals

Tenure and Promotion Case Preparation Time Line - 2013-14 Academic Year
  Tenure and Promotion Case Preparation Time Line - 2014-15 Academic Year
Procedures for Promotion and Tenure Review

Cover Sheet
  Summary of Actions

Document Register


Sample Report/ Analysis of Student Evaluations of Teaching

  • Lower Division
  • Overall

  • CAS version of tenure checklist
    Templates for Required Promotion & Tenure Documents (includes checklist)