CAS Conference Rooms

Various conference rooms are available for use by CAS faculty and staff.

  • AS-122 (Arts and Sciences Building)
  • HU-290 (Humanities Building)
  • HU-354 (Humanities Building)

Checking Availability of Conference Rooms
In Microsoft Outlook, select
Open Calendar
From Room List
Select desired conference room.

Reserving a Conference Room
Contact the Dean’s Office at 442-4651 or by e-mailing Cindy Endres


  • Name
  • Purpose
  • Phone number, email
  • Desired date and time

Using the Conference Room
Sign out the key to the conference room from the College Office, Arts and Sciences Building, Room 217. Return and sign the key in a timely fashion.

Room AS-122 (Arts and Sciences Building)

  • Capacity-30
  • Food Allowed-Yes
  • Notes- Conference style. Table, screen, whiteboard, computer, projector, VCR.

Room HU-290 (Humanities Building)

  • Capacity-30
  • Food Allowed-No
  • Notes- Conference Style, Table, 2 plasma screens,computer, overhead projector, portable projection screen, chalkboard. This room is equipped for Videoconferencing. Videoconferencing services must be arranged through ITS. Please see the ITS webpage to request videoconferencing.

Room HU-354 (Humanities Building)

  • Capacity-50
  • Food Allowed-Yes
  • Notes- Classroom style. Computer, Table, Lectern, portable screen and overhead projector, chalkboard.
Updated 12-1-2012