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Networking Madness

April 8th: Enlightened 8

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Career Fairs

The spring semester is a popular time not only for colleges and universities to hold career fairs but also for community-based events as well. Many cities and civic organizations will hold career fairs during the summer months. You can find relevant information from state departments of labor and even from the career center websites of colleges and universities close to home. Check the Google calendar on the Career Services homepage for information about career fairs in the area.

Family and Friends

Oftentimes, your friends and family can be some of your biggest cheerleaders so why not use that encouragement when finding a job? Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes, however, only a few receive personal recommendations. Finding someone you know in the company you want to work for puts you at a huge advantage, so start talking with family and friends and see who has those connections that you can put to good use.

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LinkedIn is a professional networking site similar to Facebook but focused on professional connections rather than social friends. To get the most out of LinkedIn, create a complete profile and join groups related to your career field. You can also join the UAlbany Alumni and the University at Albany Career Services LinkedIn groups. Join discussions and connect with other members of the group. Always use a personalized message when you request a connection in LinkedIn. Introduce yourself and explain why you would like connect. Also, find companies you’d like to work for and start following them. Their job postings and updates will be listed right in your feed.

Professors and Advisors

“It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know” is a phrase that’s often evoked by jobseekers of all ages, and it’s TRUE! You can be sure that employers are reaching out to academic departments, seeking candidates for their job and internship positions, so make an appointment with your favorite professor or your Department Chair to discuss the opportunities they know about.