University at Albany

Networking Madness

April 11th: Finals

Internships 57%

Some may believe an internship is simply an experience to put on your resume and gain knowledge of your field. However, it is also a huge networking opportunity. You are surrounded by employees in the field you eventually hope to work in. Talk to them, show them what a hard worker you are, and stay in contact after the internship has ended. Oftentimes, when an intern truly stands out and goes above and beyond, job offers are on the horizon.

Career Fairs 43%

The spring semester is a popular time not only for colleges and universities to hold career fairs but also for community-based events as well. Many cities and civic organizations will hold career fairs during the summer months. You can find relevant information from state departments of labor and even from the career center websites of colleges and universities close to home. Check the Google calendar on the Career Services homepage for information about career fairs in the area.