University at Albany

Application Timeline

Applications are usually due as early as February or March for Master's programs, and December or January for Doctoral programs. Be sure to check individual school's deadlines. Plan early!


  • Research areas you are interested in.
  • Determine electives that might be helpful in applying to graduate school.
  • Get to know faculty who may be potential sources of letters of recommendation
  • Get research or field-related experience in your area of interest
  • Visit Career Services for assistance in identifying resources


  • Research programs and universities and check on application information.
  • Visit institutions of interest, if possible.
  • Look into financial aid opportunities.
  • Start saving money for application fees, interview expenses, & other associated fees.
  • Register & prepare for admissions exams.


  • Open a reference file at Career Services, if needed.
  • Ask professors to write letters of recommendation (at least 2 months in advance) supply with reference forms & transcripts.
  • Request transcript to be sent to all universities you are applying to.
  • Prepare resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Take admissions exams & request scores to be forwarded to prospective universities.
  • Begin writing first drafts of personal statements.
  • Prepare applications for mailing.
  • Once mailed, confirm that application packet has been received.
  • Confirm that letters of recommendations have been sent. Thank writers!
  • Prepare for possible interviews.
  • Accept or decline admissions offers.
  • Finalize financial arrangement.