Welcome!  Campus Recreation offers a wide variety of recreation opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community members; including Aquatics, Club Sports, Fitness & Wellness, Group Exercise, Outdoor Pursuits, and Intramural Sports. For detailed information about our programs, please click on the associated link. Campus Recreation programs are housed in a number of indoor and outdoor venues. Please visit our Facilities page to learn more.

Campus Recreation News/Announcements

Announcements for this week (10/5-10/11)

  1. Congratulations to our Campus Recreation Employee of the Month, Recreation Manager George Khandji.  Thank you for all your support and dedication!
  2. PE General Locker Rooms will be closed for the UAlbany Football Game: Closed Friday 10/9 at 9am, reopens Sunday 10/11.
  3. Join TRX in the Movement Against Breast Cancer.  Come to the TRX Group Exercise Classes and post your best move to @TRXTraining and tag @UAlbanyRec with #TRX4pink. 
  4. Mini Yoga Class will be offered in conjunction with Monday’s Lifehack Workshop. The event will be held on 10/5 at 8pm at the Indian Quad Mohawk Sky Lounge.
  5. Mini Hula Hooping Class will be offered in conjunction with Wednesday’s Games After Dark. The event will be held on 10/7 at 8pm at the State Quad Penthouse.
  6. Fall Open House is just around the corner. Come visit Campus Rec on 10/17 from 10:45am-12:30pm in the LLC’s.
  7. Campus Recreation Fitness & Wellness presents the Jacob's Ladder Challenge.  Click here to learn more.          
  8. Want to know what the TRX® craze is all about?  UAlbany Fitness & Wellness will be hosting a TRX Workshop.  Save the date- 10/28 at 7:30pm.