Contingency Fund


Registered clubs who are in full compliance with Campus Recreation and Club Sports policies are eligible to apply for contingency funding through Campus Recreation. Contingency funds may be used for events and materials that were not planned for and were not included in a club's Student Association budget. Examples of appropriate reasons for contingency fund requests are:
  • Unexpected competition opportunity (I.E. - a bid for Regional or National Tournamanet)
  • The club has experienced an unanticipated need
  • The club has further developed a program that was not fully planned in time to request regular funding from the Student Association.

General Guidelines

Clubs must provide reasoning for needing to use contingency funds rather than their SA budget. Documentation of SA budget and other sources of revenue (fundraising, dues), must be provided with the contingency fund request.

The contingency fund request form must be submitted to the Club Sports Graduate Assistant at in electronic form by the club President or club Treasurer. The request form must be completed and include all appropriate documentation. If a club is in full compliance with Campus Recreation and Club Sports policies the request will be presented to the Club Sport Advisory Council for review. If the request process is not done correctly, or a club is not in compliance with Campus Recreation and Club Sports, the request will not be reviewed and the club President will be notified.

Contingency Fund Hearing

Contingency fund hearings will be held during CSAC meetings. Club Presidents will be notified in advance when their hearing will be. Presidents of clubs requesting contingency fund money are encouraged to attend their contingency fund hearing to answer any questions the CSAC may have. Hearings will last approximately 10 minutes.

A recommendation will be made by the CSAC to the Associate Director of Campus Recreation based on the following criteria:

  • Amount requested
  • Purpose for request
  • SA Budget
  • Amount remaining in contingency fund

Club Presidents will be notified if their request for funds has been approved within 2 weeks from the date of the hearing.

Contingency Fund Request Form

Contingency fund request forms can be found here or the Campus Recreation MyInvolvement page. Applications should be filled out by the club President and club Treasurer and should be emailed to along with all supporting documentation of funds.

Similarly, if your request for a contingency fund is denied and you would like to appeal the decision, the appeal forms can be found here and also emailed to 

Guidelines for Submitting

In order to submit a contingency fund request form, clubs must be in full compliance with Campus Recreation and Club Sports. For a complete list of Campus Recreation Club Sport policies please see the Club Sports Handbook. Specifically, clubs must do the following before submitting a request form:

  • Be registered on
  • Have submitted a current roster of their club to Campus Recreation, Club Sports
  • Have submitted a current competition schedule (if applicable) to Campus Recreation, Club Sports
  • Have submitted a current practice schedule to Campus Recreation, Club Sports
  • Have submitted current Safety Officer information to Campus Recreation, Club Sports

Additionally, clubs must include proper documentation of all other forms of revenue including SA Budget, fundraising, and dues.