Dear School of Business Alumni and Friends:

Dean of the University at Albany's chool of Business, Dr. Donald S. SiegelThese are exciting times for the School of Business. On September 17, our $64 million School of Business building was officially named the Massry Center for Business in honor of the Massry family’s $5.25 million gift to the School of Business. The Massry Center for Business, which opened in August 2013, has been ranked as the fourth most beautiful business school building in the world, higher than new facilities at most of America’s leading research universities, such as Duke University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Columbia University, New York University, University of California-Berkeley, University of Texas at Austin and the University of Michigan. A distinctive feature of this facility is that it is perhaps the most student-friendly business school building in the world.

As successful entrepreneurs who are dedicated to improving the community in which they live, the Massrys are shining examples for all of our students. I am delighted that their legacy will live on through the naming of the Massry Center for Business. In this issue, we describe how the Massry gift has already benefitted the School of Business. In addition to ensuring that our building remains a state-of-the-art resource, the gift will be used to fund the Massry Lecture Series, the Massry Community Fellows Program, conferences and visiting faculty to enrich the academic experience of School of Business students and enhance public engagement.

We are also enhancing the student experience by hiring new faculty. This issue highlights our recent expansion of the faculty, with each of our five academic departments (accounting, finance, management, marketing and information technology management) adding new professors in the past two years. By the end of this academic year, we will have hired 13 new faculty members since 2013. These new faculty bring fresh ideas, new tools, global perspectives and strong enthusiasm for world-class teaching, research and public engagement. They have bolstered our existing strengths in accounting, finance, human resource management and information technology management. More importantly, these new faculty members are helping us develop new strengths in technological and social entrepreneurship and in the exciting new field of digital forensics.

Many of our new faculty members are actively seeking research grants, which will significantly enhance our funded research portfolio and help us develop our new research centers in social entrepreneurship (the Center for Advancement and Understanding of Social Enterprises or CAUSE, directed by Professor Paul Miesing) and digital forensics (Forensics, Analytics, Complexity, Energy, Transportation & Security or FACETS, directed by Professor Sanjay Goel). Our new faculty members also have a broad interdisciplinary perspective. For instance, several of our newly appointed faculty members have joint appointments with other schools on campus, a first for the School of Business. These include joint appointments with the School of Criminal Justice, the RNA Institute in the College of Arts and Sciences (an interdisciplinary research group that does drug discovery), Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, and the new College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (formerly called the College of Computing and Information).

In the coming months, you will hear more about a variety of initiatives designed to promote technological and social entrepreneurship on campus, as well as several new academic programs. Thanks for your support of the School of Business.

Dr. Donald S. Siegel
Dean, School of Business