Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting

The Bachelor Degree in Accounting at the School of Business equips you to assume a position of responsibility in the accounting profession. Accounting majors are prepared  to perform essential tasks in all core accounting competencies:

  • Financial accounting
  • Managerial accounting
  • Auditing
  • Taxation
  • Accounting information systems

By completing our undergraduate accounting degree program, you will:

  • Complete 120 credits in accounting courses taught by faculty who are also active participants in the accounting profession.
  • Complement accounting knowledge with study in relevant areas of business and economics.
  • Gain a clear understanding of the ethical values critical to the accounting profession and the social obligations that accompany a career in accountancy.
  • Develop the written and oral communication skills needed to thrive in your profession.
  • Be equipped to apply technology and business process knowledge to the accounting field.
  • Function cooperatively in workplace teams.

As an accounting professional, you will face multifaceted workplace settings and diverse functional responsibilities. To be sure that you’re ready for them, the University at Albany Accounting Department maintains close ties with industry leaders among our alumni and at key employers – including the Big Four accounting firms – to keep our instruction on the cutting-edge of industry practice and employer requirements.

Our ongoing work with these firms also extends to job placement services. The Big Four accounting firms actively recruit among our undergraduate accounting degree and graduate accounting degree students each year. In fact, they are the predominant employers of students.  They are not the only ones, however. School of Business accounting students are in demand among many national, regional and local firms - hired into accounting, industry and service businesses. Some of our students also combine accounting with other study and forge exciting careers in corporate settings and state government. Others go on to seek advanced degrees in business, accounting or law.

Add Graduate Accounting Degree Courses to Prepare for the CPA

The University at Albany Accounting program awards you with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting after you complete four years of study (120 credits). But many of our students choose to complete an additional 30 credit hours of specialized study to earn a Masters Degree in Accounting.  This advanced coursework prepares them for successful careers in specialized fields of accounting, and also satisfies the education requirements to apply for licensure as a Certified Public Accountant, a designation most of our graduates earn.

New York State requires students who apply for Certified Public Accountant licensure to have completed a minimum of 150 credit hours. 

If you choose to complete all 150 hours of study with the University at Albany School of Business Accounting program, you will be exceptionally well prepared for a rewarding career in public accounting. Our students have regularly scored well enough to rank our university among the top five schools in New York State when comparing the number of students to pass one or more parts of the exam.

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