B.S. in Accounting Program Details

Choosing Accounting as Your Undergraduate Major at the University at Albany

As an accounting professional, graduates of the B.S. in Accounting program at the University at Albany in New York can expect a diversity of opportunities in both workplace settings and tasks.  Accounting is the primary "language" of business, and accountants assist businesses in determining, analyzing and communicating their financial results to interested parties.  As a student in the Accounting program at the School of Business you will be introduced to all the functional areas of accounting including financial accounting, managerial accounting, auditing, taxation and accounting information systems. Our Accounting program also places a particular emphasis on ensuring that graduates have a clear understanding of the ethical values critical to the accounting profession, as well as an awareness of the social obligations that accompany a career in accountancy.

Accounting Program Expectations – Developing the skill set to succeed in your Academic and Professional career

The University at Albany Accounting Department maintains close ties with both alumni and employers to ensure that both our undergraduate as well as graduate accounting programs reflect the skills most important to both successful entry into and subsequent development within the profession.  As a student of our undergraduate accounting program, you will develop this skill set consisting of written and oral communication skills, the ability to apply technology to accounting, knowledge of business processes and their implications for accounting, and the ability to function cooperatively in teams.

The thoughtful design of each required course that you will take as a student in the undergraduate Accounting program at the University at Albany will prepare you exceptionally well for a career in public accounting.  The Big Four accounting firms recruit actively at the School of Business each year and represent the predominant employers of our accounting graduates.  However, our students are also strongly recruited by large national, regional and local accounting firms; other students pursue careers in corporate settings, state government or seek advanced degrees in business, accounting or law.

Meeting NYS CPA Education Requirements at the University at Albany

Graduates of our undergraduate Accounting program qualify for the 120 hour NYS CPA “sit” rule, and are therefore able to take the Uniform Certified Public Accountant’s (CPA) Examination upon graduating.  The majority of our graduates continue their education with a Master’s degree at the University at Albany or elsewhere in a specialized field of accounting, that leads to meeting the 150 credit hour NYS CPA licensure education requirements.  The specialized graduate Accounting programs offered at the University at Albany that graduates of our B.S. in accounting program are able to apply to include: M.S. in Forensic Accounting, M.S. in Taxation, M.S. in Professional Accountancy.  These programs satisfy the NYS CPA 150 hour Education Requirement for licensure and admit students from both our own undergraduate accounting program, as well as students from other Universities with undergraduate accounting degrees.