5-year BA/MBA Program

The Five-Year BA/MBA or “3-2” program is an accelerated plan that allows you to earn both your Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in selected liberal arts and science disciplines and an AACSB-accredited MBA — all in a year’s less time than the conventional path. This option also allows you to reduce your education costs by only requiring one year of graduate tuition.

The “3-2” program focuses on undergraduate coursework in the first three years of study and graduate level courses in the final two years. All undergraduates are eligible. By May of junior year, you must demonstrate that all required coursework, grades and application deadlines have been met in order to qualify for entrance into the MBA program in the senior year.

A Unique School of Business MBA Offering

Interested in the “3-2” option? We encourage you to contact the Director of Undergraduate Student Services during your sophomore year. Advisement will be essential. Due to its accelerated nature, once you state your interest in pursuing this unique MBA pathway, make an appointment with an academic advisor as early as possible.

A formal application to the coordinated senior year must be submitted during the second semester of the junior year. Students must submit a Graduate Management Admission Test Score as a part of their application.

For more information on eligibility and to find out if the “3-2” program is right for you, contact:

Office of Student Services
Phone: (518) 442-4961
or email us for more information