Information Security Program and Certificate Requirements

The course sequence below is required for completion of the Information Security Graduate Certificate program. Waivers or substitutions may be made based on consultation with the program director and as new courses are developed. The program is very flexible, with multiple courses available online. If it fits your schedule, you can complete the program in as little as three months during the summer.

Foundation Courses (6 credits):

  • ITM 604 Data Communications, Computer Networking and Computer Security (3) OR ITM 644 Introduction to Information & Cyber Security (3)
  • ITM 640 Information Security Risk Assessment (3)

Support Courses (3-9 credits):

  • ITM 641 Information Security Policies (3)
  • ITM 642 Computer Forensics OR ACC 553 Digital Forensics (3)
  • ITM 643 Incident Handling (3)
  • ITM 647 Security Implementation (3)

Supplement Courses (0-6 credits):

  • ITM 645 Psychology & Information Security (3)
  • ITM 646 Mathematical Models for Information Security (3)
  • ITM 691 Field Study in Information Technology Management (3)
        OR ITM 695 Independent Study in Information Systems or Information Technology (3)
  • ACC 522 Statistical Methods for Forensic Accounting and Assurance (3)
  • ACC 581 Internal Controls and Financial Information Systems (3)
  • ACC 661 Auditing of Advanced Accounting Systems (3)

Total Credits: 15

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For more information regarding courses, the program, or requirements, contact:

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