Important Dates

We have one admission deadline for summer admission. The following deadlines are recommended to guarantee a response in an appropriate amount of time to enroll for classes given delay for the admission process and plan their calendars. However, we will work with you if you want to apply to the certificate outside of these deadlines as much as possible. For more up-to-date semester information, please refer to the University at Albany’s academic calendar at:

Fall Semester: Starts from the end of August/beginning of September to middle of December.

Winter Intersession: Starts in the middle to the end of December. We may offer a course or two during the winter intersession as a part of this program. In 2013, we will be offering the Psychology and Information Security course.

Spring Semester: Starts from the middle January to the middle of May.

Summer Admission: January 15
The summer intersession generally takes place from the beginning of June to the end of August/beginning of September. However, there are multiple summer sessions. There are several courses in the security certificate program (beyond the study abroad program) that are typically offered starting during this summer session.

As a part of this certificate, there is an option for Russian study abroad. This takes place for 6 weeks during the summer and includes two courses for the certificate, Russian language learning, and a paid scholarship for meals, travel, and lodging. This study aboard program is only available to US citizens as it is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE). There are 10 scholarships available for 2013. Students should apply to this exchange separately once admitted into a degree program (or if already in a degree program) by March 4, 2013 via the Study Abroad application system.  The reason why the deadline is so early is to allow time for invitation letters to be created, the visa process to be completed, and arrangements to be made. Students typically leave for the program around the middle to end of May after graduation.