Saurav Dutta

Position: Associate Professor

Ph.D. University of Kansas, 1991
B. Tech. (IIT-Bombay, India)


Academic Subfields
Accounting, Auditing & Information System
Research Interests: Audit Risk and Materiality, Decision Support System, Technology Management, Sustainability Reporting, Total Quality Management

Applied Interests
Decision Support System, Auditing, Total Quality Management, Information Systems
Professional Honors: National Talent Search Scholarship (India- 1979)
Robert Beyer Silver Medal for Second Highest score in CMA examination (Institute of Management Accountant)
Publications: Saurav K. Dutta and Raef Lawson, “Boosting the Stature of Management Accountants on Campus”, Strategic Finance. December 2007.

Saurav K. Dutta and Raef Lawson, “Tale of Two Technologies: The Financial Chapter”, International Journal of Technology Management. 2008. Volume 42, Issue 3, pg. 205- 225.
Saurav K. Dutta and Raef Lawson, “Incorporating Carbon Accounting in Company Value Chain”, Cost Management. Volume 22, Issue 2. March 2008.

Saurav K. Dutta and Raef Lawson, “Aligning Performance Evaluation and Reward Systems with Corporate Sustainability Goals”, Cost Management, November 2009, Volume 23, Issue 6, pp. 15-23.
Saurav K. Dutta, Raef Lawson and David Marcinko, “Enhancing Environmental Awareness of Future Business Leaders”. International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development 2010, Vol.9: 1,2,3 pp. 181-193.

Saurav K. Dutta and Raef Lawson, “Analysis of Accounting Academe’s Response to Structural Changes in the Profession using the Disruptive Technology Framework”. International Journal of Critical Accounting 2010, Vol. 2: (1) pp. 19-34.

BACC 312: Financial Accounting II
BACC 411: Financial Accounting III
BACC 522 : Statistic Analysis Business Decision
BACC 531 : Introduction of Cost Analysis
BACC 611 : Contemporary Developments in Accounting Thought
BACC 661: EDP Auditing