Lakshmi Mohan

Position: Vincent O'Leary Associate Professor
Office: (518) 956-8324
Website: Personal Website
Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Columbia University, 1961

Teaching Interests
Management of Information Technology
Analytical Systems
Customer Relationship Management

Research Interests
Microfinance Applications of IT/IS
Managing IT in the Social, Mobile, Analytics,and Cloud (SMAC) Era

Selected Publications

Mohan, L. and Potnis, D. (2014). Banco Azteca’s Use of Innovative Information Systems for Financial Inclusion in Latin America. Information Technologies in Developing Countries, June Issue, pp. 12-16, Available at:

L.Mohan and D. Potnis, “ICTs for Financial Inclusion of the Unbanked Poor in Developing Economies,” 20th Americas Conference on Information Systems, August 7-10, 2014, Savannah, Georgia, 1-3, 2014. 

L. Mohan, D. Potnis and S. Alter, “Information Systems to Support “Door-Step Banking”: Enabling Scalability to Serve More of the Poor at the Bottom of the Pyramid,” Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Vol. 33, Article 25, 2013.

L. Mohan, D. Potnis and N. Mattoo, “A Pan-India Footprint of Over-Indebtedness of Microfinance Borrowers from an Exploratory Survey,” Enterprise Development and Microfinance, Vol. 24, No. 1, March 2013.

L. Mohan and D. Potnis, “Catalytic Innovation in Microfinance for Inclusive Growth: Insights from SKS Microfinance,” Journal of Asia Pacific Business – Special Issue on Value Creation, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Global Economies, September 2010.

S. Rai and L. Mohan, “Business Continuity Management in Banks – The Indian Experience,” Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, Vol.11, #2, August 2006 ( ), 9 pages in the web version.

S. Rai and L. Mohan, “Business Continuity Model: A Reality Check for Banks in India,” Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, Vol.11, #2, August 2006 ( ), 7 pages in the web version.

L. Mohan, L. Muse and C. McInerey, “Managing Smarter: A Decision Support System for Mental Health Providers,” -- based on the work done under the grant from New York State Office of Mental Health, The Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research, Vol.25, No. 8, 1998.

L. Mohan and W.K. Holstein, "Marketing Decision Support Systems in Transition", in R. Blattberg, G. Day, R. Glazer and J.D.C. Little (eds.) The Information Revolution in Marketing, Harvard Business School Press, Boston, MA, 1994.

L. Mohan, W.K. Holstein and R.B. Adams, "EIS: It Can Work in the Public Sector", MIS Quarterly, Vol. 14, No 4, 1990.

D.P. Ballou and L. Mohan, "A Decision Model for Evaluating Transit Pricing Policies", Transportation Research, Series A , Vol. 15A, 1981.

ITM 522 : Managing Information Technology
ITM 603 : Management of IT Projects
ITM 612 : Topics in Information Systems
ITM 691: Field Study in ITM


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