Gary Yukl

Position: O'Leary Professor
Office: (518) 956-8329
Email: g.yukl (at)

Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley, 1967

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Academic Subfields
Leadership, Power and Influence, Groups, Motivation, Training and Development

Applied Interests
Management Training and Development, Management of Organization Change, Strategic Leadership, Attitude Surveys Research & Publications:

Yukl, G. (2010).  Leadership in Organizations, 7th edition.  Prentice Hall. (also in 7 other languages)
Yukl, G., & Lepsinger, R. (2004).  Flexible Leadership.  Jossey-Bass.

Articles in Refereed Professional Journals
Yukl, G., & Mahsud, R. (In Press).  Why flexible, adaptive leadership is important.  Consulting Psychology Journal.
Mahsud, R., Yukl, G., & Prussia, G. (In Press). Leader Empathy, Ethical Leadership, and Relations-oriented Behaviors as Antecedents of Leader-Member Exchange Quality.  Journal of Managerial Psychology.
Kochanowski, S., Seifert, C. F., & Yukl, G. (In Press).  Using coaching to enhance the effects of behavioral feedback to managers.  Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies.
Seifert, C., & Yukl, G. (In Press).  Effects of repeated feedback on the influence behavior and effectiveness of managers: A field experiment.  Leadership Quarterly.
Yukl, G., O'Donnell, M., & Taber, T. (2009).  Leader behaviors and leader member exchange.  Journal of Managerial Psychology, 24 (4), 289-299.
Yukl, G. (2009).  Leadership and organizational learning: An evaluative essay.  Leadership Quarterly, 20 (1), 49-53.
Yukl, G. (2008).  How leaders influence organizational effectiveness.  Leadership Quarterly, 19, 708-722.
Yukl, G., Seifert, C., & Chavez, C. (2008).  Validation of the extended influence behavior questionnaire.  Leadership Quarterly, 19 (5), 609-621.
Yukl, G., &  Becker, W. (2007).  Effective empowerment in organizations.  Organization Management Journal, 3 (3), 210-231.
Yukl, G., & Lepsinger, R. (2005).  Why integrating the leading and managing roles is essential for organizational effectiveness.  Organizational Dynamics, 34 (4), 361-375.
Yukl, G., Chavez, C., & Seifert, C. F. (2005).  Assessing the construct validity and utility of two new influence tactics.  Journal of Organizational Behavior, 26 (6), 705-725.

Chapters in Books and Research Monographs
Yukl, G. (In Press).  Influence tactics for effective leadership.  In E. Biech (Ed.), The ASTD leadership handbook
Yukl, G. (2009).  Using power to influence people.  In Locke, E. A. (Ed.), Handbook of Principles of Organizational Behavior.  Blackwell Publishers, Second Edition, pp.  349-365.
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Yukl, G., & Michel, J. (2006).  Proactive influence tactics and leader-member exchange.  In C. A. Schriesheim and L. Neider (Eds.), Power and influence in organizations: Research in Management.  Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing, 87-103.

Articles in Practitioner Journals
Yukl, G., & Mahsud, R. (2009).  Linking strategic leadership and human resource management.  NHRD Network Journal, 2 (2), 44-49.
Yukl, G., & Lepsinger, R. (2008).  Enhancing the power of human assets.  Leadership in Action, 28 (2), 3-7. Center for Creative Leadership & Wiley.
Yukl, G., & Lepsinger, R. (2007).  Getting it done: Four ways to translate strategy into results.  Leadership in Action, 27 (May-June), 2, 3-7, Center for Creative Leadership & Wiley.
Yukl, G., & Lepsinger, R. (2006).  Leading change: Adapting and innovating in an uncertain world.  Leadership in Action, 26 (May-June), 2, 3-7, Center for Creative Leadership & Wiley.
Yukl, G., & Lepsinger, R. (2005).  Improving performance through flexible leadership.  Leadership in Action, 25, 4, 20-21, Center for Creative Leadership & Wiley.

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MGT 513 : Organizational Behavior and Managerial Skills 
MGT 650 : Leadership and Management Skills 
ORG 700 : Seminar in Organization Studies 
ORG 721 : Research Project in Organization Studies