G3 Handbook PDF
The G3 Handbook contains detailed information about the G3 program and its structure including a student syllabus, information about deliverables, advice for students, etc.

G3 Schedule PDF
The G3 Schedule is a timeline and plan for the G3 program to keep G3 Players aware about not only important meetings with clients, coaches, scientists and experts, but also information about key daily topics, deliverables, speakers, locations, and times.

G3 Brochure PDF
The G3 Brochure provides an overview of the G3 program: program summary, organization and structure, process, outcomes, and why you should become a G3 Partner. 

G3 Bibliography Pinterest
The G3 Bibliography is an online repository of useful links and resources that are categorized using the G3 Compass and the G3 Problem Domains found in the G3 Handbook.

Guest Speakers