Shawn D. Bushway, Ph.D.

School of Criminal Justice
Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy
University at Albany, SUNY


Publications by Topic

Sentencing and Criminal Justice Issues

Bushway, Shawn and Allison Redlich (forthcoming). Is Plea Bargaining in the “Shadow of the Trial” a Mirage? Journal of Quantitative Criminology.(pdf

Bushway, Shawn; Emily Owens and Anne Piehl (forthcoming). Sentencing Guidelines and Judicial Discretion: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Human Calculation Errors. Journal of Empirical Legal Studies.

Bushway, Shawn and Anne Piehl. (2011). Location, Location, Location: The Impact of Guideline Grid Location on the Value of Sentencing Enhancements Given By Judges in Maryland. Journal of Empirical Legal Studies. (pdf)

Shawn D. Bushway and Anne Morrison Piehl (2007). The Inextricable Link Between Age and Criminal History in Sentencing, Crime & Delinquency. (pdf)

Piehl, Anne and Shawn Bushway (2007). Measuring and Explaining Charge Bargaining, Journal of Quantitative Criminology. (pdf)  

Colbert, Douglas, Raymond Paternoster, and Shawn Bushway (2002). Do Attorneys Really Matter?  The Empirical and Legal Case for the Right of Counsel at Bail, Cardozo Law Review. (pdf) 

Bushway, Shawn and Anne M. Piehl (2001). Judging Judicial Discretion: Legal Factors and Racial Discrimination in Sentencing, Law and Society Review. (pdf)        

Desistance and Life-Course Theory

Bushway, Shawn, Marvin Krohn, Alan Lizotte, Matthew Phillips, and Nicole Schmidt (Forthcoming). Are Risk Youth Less Protectable as They Age? The Dynamics of Protection During Adolescence and Young Adulthood. Justice Quarterly. 

Krohn, Marvin, Alan J. Lizotte, Shawn D. Bushway, Nicole Schmidt and Matthew Phillips (forthcoming). Shelter During the Storm: A Search for Factors that Protect At-Risk Adolescents. Crime and Delinquency.

Bushway, Shawn and Robert Apel. (2012). A Signaling Perspective on Employment-based Reentry Programming: Training Completion as a Desistance Signal. Criminology and Public Policy. (pdf)

Kurlychek, Megan; Shawn Bushway, and Robert Brame. (2012). Long-term crime desistance and recidivism patterns – Evidence from the Essex County Convicted Felon Study. Criminology. (pdf)

Brame, Robert; Michael Turner, Raymond Paternoster and Shawn Bushway. (2012). Cumulative Prevalence of Arrest from Ages 8-23 in a National Sample. Pediatrics. (pdf)

Paternoster,Raymond and Shawn D. Bushway (2009). Desistance and the "Feared Self": Toward an Identity Theory of Criminal Desistance, Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology. (pdf)

Bushway, Shawn D., Gary Sweeten and Paul Nieuwbeerta (2009). Measuring Long Term Individual Trajectories of Offending Using Multiple Methods, Journal of Quantitative Criminology. (pdf)

Sweeten, Gary, Shawn D. Bushway, and Raymond Paternoster (2009). Does Dropping Out of School Mean Dropping into Delinquency? Criminology. (pdf)

Gottfredson, Denise, Brooke Kearley and Shawn Bushway (2008). Substance Use, Drug Treatment, and Crime: An Examination of Intra-Individual Variation in a Drug-Court Population, Journal of Drug Issues. (pdf)

LeBel, Thomas, Roz Burnett, Shadd Maruna, & Shawn Bushway (2008). The ‘Chicken and Egg’ of Subjective and Social Factors in Desistance from Crime. European Journal of Criminology. (pdf)  

Reuter, Peter and Shawn Bushway (2007) Revisiting Incapacitation: Can We Generate New Estimates? Journal of Quantitative Criminology. (pdf)

Megan C. Kurlychek, Robert Brame, and Shawn D. Bushway  (2007). Enduring Risk? Old Criminal Records and Predictions of Future Criminal Involvement, Crime & Delinquency. (pdf)  

Kurlychek, Megan, Robert Brame and Shawn Bushway (2006). Scarlet Letters and Recidivism:  Does An Old Criminal Record Predict Future Offending? Criminology and Public Policy. (pdf)

Brame, Robert, Shawn Bushway, Raymond Paternoster, and Terence Thornberry. (2005). Temporal Linkages in Violent and Nonviolent Criminal Activity, Journal of Quantitative Criminology. (pdf)   

Weisburd, David; Shawn Bushway, Cynthia Lum and Sue-Ming Yang (2004). Trajectories of Crime at Places: A Longitudinal Study of Street Segments in the City of Seattle, Criminology. (pdf)

Brame, Robert: Raymond Paternoster, and Shawn Bushway (2004). Criminal Offending Frequency and Offense Switching, Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice. Special issue on criminal careers. (pdf)

Brame, Robert; Shawn Bushway, Raymond Paternoster (2003). Examining the Prevalence of Criminal Desistance, Criminology. (pdf)  

Bushway, Shawn; Terence P. Thornberry and Marvin Krohn (2003). Desistance as a Developmental Process: A Comparison of Static and Dynamic Approaches, Journal of Quantitative Criminology. (pdf)

Bushway, Shawn; Alex Piquero, Lisa Broidy, Elizabeth Cauffman, Paul Mazerolle  (2001). An Empirical Framework for Studying Desistance as a Process, Criminology. (pdf)

Bushway, Shawn (1998). The Impact of an Arrest on the Job Stability of Young White American Men, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency. (pdf)


Labor Market and Crime

Bushway, Shawn, Paul Nieuwbeerta, and Arjan Blokland. (2011).The Predictive Value of Criminal Background Checks: Do Age and Criminal History Affect Time to Redemption? Criminology. (pdf)

Bushway, Shawn (2011). “Labor Markets and Crime” in Petersilia, Joan and James Q. Wilson (eds.) Crime and Public Policy.  New York: Oxford University Press.

Apel, Robert, Shawn D. Bushway, Raymond Paternoster, Robert Brame, and Gary Sweeten (2008). Using State Child Labor Laws to Identify the Causal Effect of Youth Employment on Deviant Behavior and Academic Achievement. Journal of Quantitative Criminology. (pdf)

Stoll, Michael A. and Shawn D. Bushway (2008). The Effect of Criminal Background Checks on Hiring Ex-Offenders, Criminology and Public Policy. (pdf)

Bushway, Shawn and Gary Sweeten (2007) Abolish Lifetime Bans for Ex-Felons. Criminology and Public Policy. (pdf)  

Apel, Robert, Robert Brame, Shawn Bushway, Amelia Haviland, Daniel Nagin, Raymond Paternoster (2007). Unpacking the Relationship Between Adolescent Employment and Antisocial Behavior: A Matched Samples Comparison, Criminology. (pdf)

Bushway, Shawn (2006) The Problem of Prisoner (Re)Entry, Contemporary Sociology. (pdf)

Apel, Robert, Raymond Paternoster, Shawn Bushway, Robert Brame (2006). A Job Isn’t Just a Job: The Differential Impact of Formal Versus Informal Work on Adolescent Problem Behavior, Crime and Delinquency. (pdf)

Bushway, Shawn (2004). Labor Market Effects of Permitting Employer Access to Criminal History Records, Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice.  Special issue on Economics and Crime (pdf)

Brame, Robert; Shawn Bushway, Raymond Paternoster, and Robert Apel (2004). Assessing the Effect of Adolescent Employment on Involvement in Criminal Activity, Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice.  Special issue on Economics and Crime. (pdf)

Paternoster, Raymond; Shawn Bushway, Robert Brame and Robert Apel (2003). The Effect of Teenage Employment on Delinquency and Problem Behaviors, Social Forces. (pdf)

Bushway, Shawn and Peter Reuter, (2001) “Labor Markets and Crime,” in Petersilia, Joan and James Q. Wilson (eds.) Crime 3rd edition, ICS Press.

Paternoster, Raymond and Shawn Bushway, (2001). Theoretical and Empirical Work on the Relationship Between Unemployment and Crime, Journal of Quantitative Criminology, Special Issue on Unemployment and Crime. (pdf)



Methodological Issues and Teaching

Bushway, Shawn and Peter Reuter (2008). Economists’ Contribution to the Study of Crime and the Criminal Justice System, Crime and Justice: A Review of Research. (pdf)

Bushway, Shawn and Jeffrey Smith (2007) Sentencing Using Statistical Treatment Rules: What We Don’t Know Can Hurt Us. Journal of Quantitative Criminology. (pdf)

Bushway, Shawn and Anne Piehl (2007). The Social Science Contribution to the Policy Debate Surrounding the Legal Threat To Presumptive Sentencing Guidelines, Criminology and Public Policy. (pdf)

Bushway, Shawn, Brian Johnson, and Lee Ann Slocum (2007). Is the Magic Still There? The Relevance of the Heckman Two-Step Correction for Selection Bias in Criminology, Journal of Quantitative Criminology. (pdf)  

Bushway, Shawn, Gary Sweeten and David B. Wilson (2006). Size Matters: Standard Errors in the Application of Null Hypothesis Significance Testing in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Journal of Experimental Criminology. (pdf)  

Bushway, Shawn and Shawn M. Flower (2002). “Helping Criminal Justice Students Learn Statistics: A Quasi-experimental Evaluation of Learning Assistance,” Journal of Criminal Justice Education.  (pdf)

Brame, Robert; Shawn Bushway, Raymond Paternoster (1999). On The Use of Panel Research Designs and Random Effects Models to Investigate Static and Dynamic Theories of Criminal Offending, Criminology. (pdf)

Bushway, Shawn; Robert Brame and Ray Paternoster (1999). Assessing Stability and Change in Criminal Offending: A Comparison of Random Effects, Semi-Parametric, and Fixed Effects Modeling Strategies, Journal of Quantitative Criminology. (pdf)





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