The Brenner Research Team focuses on Occupational & Environmental Health and Safety of Engineered Nanomaterials. This interdisciplinary team is led by Dr. Sara Brenner, a preventive medicine physician, and includes staff, graduate and undergraduate students with a variety of backgrounds including physics, environmental health, industrial hygiene, and toxicology.

Proactive Assessment of Potential Health & Safety Risks:

  • While moving forward to develop and incorporate engineered nanomaterials into product pipelines, one common challenge shared by all stakeholders is how to address emerging health and safety implications.

  • Engineered nanomaterials produced and handled in industrial and academic settings present new challenges to understanding, predicting, and managing potential health risks to workers, consumers, and the environment.

  • The rapid growth and projected acceleration of nanotechnology creates urgency in understanding, predicting, and managing the health risks associated with occupational, environmental, and consumer exposures to nanomaterials.

Our Research Portfolio:

  • Scope: The integration of occupational and environmental medicine, exposure science, industrial hygiene, materials science, and metrology to investigate the human health and safety implications of exposure to engineered nanomaterials.

  • Goal: To proactively address the emerging needs of health and safety research related to engineered nanomaterials, seeking to develop in real-time the innovative technologies and methodologies needed to assess, monitor, and safely accelerate nanotechnology R&D worldwide.