Biological Faculty Research

Faculty in the Department of Biological sciences are active researchers.

This listing provides a brief listing of our faculty's research interests. You can learn more about research in the Biology Department by examining the research and publications listings on the web pages of our faculty.

Paul Agris Professor Molecular Biology
    Nucleic Acids
    Drug Therapeutics
Marlene Belfort Distinguished Professor Gene Expression
    Regulation by Small RNA
Thomas Caraco Associate Professor Theoretical Ecology
    Landscape Ecology of Epidemics
Haijun Chen Associate Professor The Molecular Properties of Channels and Signalling in the Cell Membrane
Richard Cunningham Professor Biochemical and Biophysical Studies on DNA Repair Enzymes
Dan Fabris Professor Protein-nucleic Acid Interactions
    Mass Spectrometry
    RNA-based Drug Therapeutics
Gabriele Fuchs Associate Professor Ribosome composition alteration and its effects on protein biosynthesis in mammalian cells
Paulo Forni Assistant Professor Normal and Pathological Development in the Olfactory Cortex
    Genes and Molecular Mechanisms of Placodal/Neural Crest Interactions, and Determinants of Neurogenic Niches
Helen Ghiradella Professor Cuticular Patterning in Insects
    Insect Structural Colors
    Flash Control in the Firefly
    Sensory Systems in Minute Arthropods
    Effects of Lead on Insect Behavior
Gary Kleppel Professor Aquatic Ecology
    Effect of Human Demographic and Land-use Patterns on Ecosystem Integrity.
Melinda Larsen Associate Professor Molecular Basis for Organ Development
    Role of Cell-Extracellular Matrix and Cell-Cell Signaling
Pan Li Associate Professor Single Molecule Manipulation and Detection
    RNA Folding and Macromolecule Assembly
Gregory Lnenicka Professor Role of activity in axon growth and synaptic development
    Synaptic Physiology and Morphology
    Activity-Dependent Changes in Ca2+ Regulation.
Robert Osuna Associate Professor Regulation Of Bacterial Gene Expression
Cara Pager Assistant Professor Virus-Host Interactions
    Translational Control, Replication and Assembly Of RNA Viruses
    miRNA-Mediated Gene Regulation
    RNA Granules
Prashanth Rangan Assistant Professor RNA Regulation in Maintaining Stem Cells
    Translational Regulators
    Germ Line Stem Cells in D. Malanogaster.
George Robinson Associate Professor Plant Community Ecology
    Biological Invasions
    Biodiversity and Public Policy
    Restoration Ecology.
John Schmidt Professor Gene Expression in Synapse Formation and Plasticity in The Retinotectal Projection
    Growth Cone Motility and Its Regulation By Myosin Light Chain Kinase.
Annalisa Scimemi Assistant Professor Synaptic Structure and Function
    Astrocyte Control Of Synaptic Transmission
    Synaptic Basis Of Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Hua Shi Associate Professor Molecular and Cell Biology Of Transcription and Signal Transduction
    Aptamer-Mediated Multi-Pathway Control in Living Organisms
    Forward Engineering Approach To Cancer Drug Discovery and Development.
Caro-Beth Stewart Associate Professor Molecular Basis For Adaptive Evolution
    Evolution Of Digestive Enzymes
    Phylogenetic Analysis Of Gene Families
    Primate Molecular Evolution and Phylogeny.
Ben Szaro Professor Cytoskeletal Proteins in Developing and Regenerating Axons
Jeffrey Travis Research Associate Professor Mechanism Of Intracellular Transport
    Membrane-Cytoskeletal Interactions
    Novel Methods Of Microtubule Assembly.
Wendy Turner Assistant Professor Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases
    Membrane-Cytoskeletal Interactions
    Novel Methods Of Microtubule Assembly.
Ing-Nang Wang Associate Professor Experimental Evolution
    Microbial Evolution
    Molecular Population Genetics.
Sho-Ya Wang Professor Retinoids and Gene Regulation
    Murine Teratocarcinoma Cell Differentiation
    Transcription Factors and Differentiation
    Na+ Channel Structure-Function Relationships.
Richard Zitomer Professor Regulation Of Expression Of The Yeast Genes By Oxygen