Biodiversity, Conservation,
 and Policy

Course Descriptions

Biology Courses
Class Title Taught
BIO 515a    
BIO 515b    
BIO 530A Biodiversity & Conservation Policy - Theoretical Issues Alternate Springs
BIO 530B Biodiversity & Conservation Policy - Policy Issues Alternate Springs
BIO 542 Restoration Ecology  
BIO 543 Restoration Ecology Laboratory  
BIO 555 Plant Ecology  
BIO 556 Plant Ecology Laboratory  
BIO 601 Topics in Ecology
  * Wildlife Management
  * Conservation GIS
  * Landscape Conservation
Fall 2007
BIO 621 Coastal Zone Management  
BIO 630 Topics in Biodiversity, Conservation, and Policy  
BIO 633 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Seminar  

Public Policy Courses
Class Title
PUB 522 Politics and Policy
PUB 667 International Environmental Policy

Geography and Planning Courses
Class Title
GOG 502 Statistical Methods for Geography
GOG 584 Introduction to Remote Sensing
GOG 585 Digital Image Analysis
GOG 590 Advanced Cartography
GOG 596 Geographic Information Systems
GOG 597 ARCINFO Practicum
GOG 692 Seminar in GIS
PLN 532 Parks, Preservation, and Heritage Planning

Other Departments
Class Title
MAT 554 Introduction to Theory of Statistics
MAT 554 Introduction to Theory of Statistics II