Research: J.S. Mackiewicz

My primary research interests continue to be on the morphology, systematics, zoogeography, host-parasite relationships, biology and evolution of the Caryophyllidea, intestinal non-segmented cestode parasites of freshwater fish. Since retirement (2002) , special attention has been directed at the evolutionary relationships of the Caryophyllidea within the Eucestoda . To that end, attempts have been made to clarify the terminology of cestode body types. I am in collaboration with colleagues who are studying caryophyllidean development and scolex morphology, evolutionary significance of spermatogenesis and vitellogenesis , and the possible evolutionary value of morphology at the ultrastructural level of Archigetes and of other lower tapeworms . Still other work involves assistance with a cladistic analysis of the phylogenetic relationships at the generic level within the group and with a cytological study of a species of Wenyonia. A checklist and synoptic taxonomic review of all species in the group is in progress (1/06). .(Professor Mackiewicz retired in 2002 after 40 years with the Department; he will be teaching part-time for the next few years.)