Kristin Knapp-Ines, Ph.D., BCBA

Clinical Investigator
Phone: (518) 442-5418
Fax: (518) 442-4834
Campus office: 1535 Western Avenue
Areas of Expertise: autism spectrum disorders, positive behavior support
CV: Dr. Knapp-Ines's Curriculum Vitae

Kristin Knapp-Ines is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of New York and a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA-D). She received her B.S., M.S. in clinical and industrial-organizational psychology as well as her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Tuebingen in Germany.

Dr. Knapp-Ines has extensive experience in working with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, learning disabilities and behavioral/emotional challenges, as well as with their families, educators and other support staff. As a faculty member at the University of South Florida, she was involved in the development and implementation of a positive behavior based state wide parenting program for children with severe behavioral and emotional challenges. As part of her private practice, Dr. Knapp-Ines conducted a variety of assessments, including functional behavior assessments of children and adults with developmental disabilities and provided in-depth behavioral consultation and training to residential settings, homes and schools.

Dr. Knapp-Ines joined CARD almost 10 years ago. She provided consultations for caregivers with children with autism integrating cognitive-behavioral interventions with function-based behavioral parent training as part of a 5-year research grant. In her role as a senior trainer at CARD, Dr. Knapp-Ines has been conducting trainings, presentations and workshops covering a large array of topics related to autism and its related disabilities.

Her professional interests are function based positive behavior support, multi-component approaches to parent training, including cognitive-behavioral strategies as well as mental health issues affecting individuals with autism and related coping strategies.