Distance Education

CARD Albany now offers interactive distance learning opportunities for professionals and parents on topics in autism.

Archived Topics

Replacing Challenging Behaviors & Improving Quality of Life for Individuals with ASD Through Functional Communication Training

Participants will learn an evidence-based, 12-step strategy to teach communication skills as the first step in reducing challenging behaviors and improving the quality of life for persons engaging in these behaviors.

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Promoting Successful Transitions from Secondary School to Post-Secondary School or Employment for Individuals with ASD

Participants will learn the differences between regulations and practices governing transition from secondary school to post-secondary school or employment; how core deficits are related characteristics of ASD impact an individual's ability to successfully transition to adulthood; as well as practices that can be created to promote independence and success for students preparing for post-secondary experiences.

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Supporting Students with ASD in the Classroom: A Distance Learning Series for Para-Professionals and Their Supervising Teachers

CARD currently offers a series of online sessions targeted to classroom personnel - specifically, teaches and paraprofessionals working with students with ASD.  Each online session in the series can be viewed as a stand-alone training or a sequence in staff development and training.  Sessions are no-cost and last 75 minutes.  Each session includes lecture, participant discussion, multimedia examples, case studies, and/or research studies.  Participants should expect to review preparation materials ahead of the session and to be actively engaged with instructor and content during the training.  Sessions in the series are:

  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Thinking Differently: Keys to Understanding Students with ASD's Strengths and Needs in the Classroom
  • Introduction to Positive Behavior Supports
  • Creating Visual and Environmental Classroom Supports for Students with ASD
  • Supporting the Student with ASD: Your Role as a Para-Professional

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