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As the impact of climate change and extreme weather is felt across the globe, there has never been a more important time to train atmospheric and environmental scientists who can address these challenges. From better understanding and prediction of extreme weather events to advanced climate studies and climate impacts, UAlbany’s Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences (DAES) offers some of the most sophisticated academic programs in atmospheric and environmental sciences in the U.S.


    • P.h.D. Candidate Selected to participate in Advanced Study Program at NCAR

      Ph.D. Candidate Alicia Bentley was recently selected to participate in the Advanced Study Program (ASP) Graduate Visitor Program at NCAR during the summer of 2017 (June-August).

    • ENV 480 Field Trip to Whiteface Mountain on October 1, 2016

      Students from "The Adirondack Environment" (ENV480) embarked on a field trip to Whiteface Mountain on October 1st, lead by Assistant Professor Justin Minder. While ascending the 4,867 ft peak, students observed variations in geology, vegetation, and atmospheric conditions. They also toured the New York State Mesonet station located near the mountain's base and the UAlbany Atmospheric Science Research Center summit observatory, learning about the crucial environmental measurements made by these facilities.
    • GEO 221 Field Trip to John Boyd Thacher State Park on October 23, 2016

      Two-dozen students and faculty examined the geology of the Helderberg Escarpment along the Indian Ladder Trail in John Boyd Thacher State Park on October 23, 2016.  The annual trip in the “Understanding the Earth” (GEO 221) course is designed to encourage students to observe various features they see in the rocks along the trail, such as sedimentary structures and fossils, and then use their observations to build a model of carbonate sediment deposition that occurred in New York State over 400 million years ago. 

  • ASRC Director Everette Joseph

    Joseph Elected Chair of University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Trustees' Board

    ASRC Director Everette Joseph has been elected to serve as the chairman of the board of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), which manages the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR).

  • Lance Bosart

    An Atmosphere of Praise

    The leading society of his peers pays extraordinary homage to Lance Bosart.

  • Drought in Africa

    Solving the Puzzle: Drought in Central Africa

    With a widespread decline in vegetation greenness and water content, the Congolese rainforest has been experiencing a long-term drought for the better part of two decades. Now, a research team lead by UAlbany Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences Liming Zhou may have found out the cause.


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