Dai, Aiguo

    Associate Professor
    Campus Address: ES 310
    Phone: 518-442-4474
    Email: adai@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Climate variability and change, future climate change, the global water cycle, hydroclimate, drought, Asian monsoons, and climate data analysis

    Liu, Jiping

    Assistant Professor
    Campus Address: ES 211
    Phone: 518-442-4048
    Email: jliu26@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Climate-Cryosphere Dynamics, Feedbacks and Modeling, Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean Interactions, Application of Remote Sensing in Oceans

    Minder, Justin R.

    Assistant Professor
    Campus Address: ES 339B
    Phone: 518-437-3732
    Email: jminder@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Mountain weather and climate; regional climate; mesoscale dynamics; hydrometeorology

    Rose, Brian E.J.

    Assistant Professor
    Campus Address: ES 315
    Phone: 518-442-4477
    Email: brose@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Global-scale climate dynamics, heat transport in the atmosphere and ocean and their interaction, climate sensitivity and feedbacks, the role of sea ice in the global climate system, paleoclimate and idealized climate modeling.

    Roundy, Paul E.

    Associate Professor
    Campus Address: ES 339A
    Phone: 518-442-4476
    Email: proundy@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Dr. Roundy studies waves of the tropical atmosphere and ocean and how these waves interact with one another and with atmospheric moist deep convection to modulate global weather and climate. Areas of emphasis include analysis of observations to study modulation of tropical cyclogenesis and the El Nino/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) by convectively coupled waves and intraseasonal oscillations.

    Tang, Brian

    Assistant Professor
    Campus Address: ES 324
    Phone: 518-442-4572
    Email: btang@albany.edu

    Research Interests: My research focuses on aspects of tropical cyclones, including their formation, intensification, and interaction with other components of the climate system. I am interested in how vertical wind shear weakens tropical cyclones through ventilation, how tropospheric moisture affects the development of tropical disturbances, and what sets the variability of tropical disturbances and genesis productivity globally and regionally.

    Thorncroft, Christopher D.

    Chair and Professor
    Campus Address: ES 226
    Phone: 518-442-4555
    Email: cthorncroft@albany.edu

    Research Interests: My research is mainly focused on improving our understanding of the West African monsoon and how it impacts Atlantic tropical cyclone variability. The research spans a wide range of timescales from diurnal to multidecadal. At the weather scale my research is focused on understanding the physical processed that impact the nature  and variability of African easterly waves (AEWs). This includes a special emphasis on how AEWs interact with the ubiquitous mesoscale convective systems and ultimately how this affects the probability that AEWs will help spawn tropical cyclones. Recent work at the weather scale has also emphasized the role of convectively coupled equatorial waves on the West African monsoon and Atlantic tropical cyclogenesis frequency. At the climate scale I am interested in better understanding the annual cycle of the West African monsoon as well as the processes that impact interannual to decadal variability and predictability of Sahel rainfall.

    Vuille, Mathias

    Associate Professor
    Campus Address: ES 311
    Phone: 518-442-4472
    Email: mvuille@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Climate variability and climate change in tropical South America and East Africa, tropical glacier-climate interactions, tropical paleoclimatology.

    Wang, Junhong (June)

    Research Associate Professor
    Campus Address: ES 339C
    Phone: 518-442-3478
    Email: jwang20@albany.edu

    Research Interests: Climate observations, data creation and analysis, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) measurements and applications, and sounding technology and data quality.