Annette Audi, Research Administrator;

ES 220 (518) 442-3227 E-Mail

Jerry Brotzge, Principal Research Support Specialist/Project Director NYS Mesonet

LC SB-28 (518) 442-6372

Stephen S. Howe, Research Geochemist; MS, Penn State, 1981. Economic geology and stable isotope geochemistry

ES 352B (518) 442-5053 E-Mail

Roberta Johnson, Adjunct Professor.

(303) 929-1606

David Knight, Research Associate; PhD, University of Washington-Seattle, 1987. Mesoscale meteorology, numerical modeling, use of computers in atmospheric science research and education.

ES 228 (518) 442-4204 E-Mail

Michael Landin, MS, Univ. at Albany, Synoptic Meteorology, Broadcasting

ES 316B (518) 442-xxxx E-Mail

Ross Lazear, Instructional Support Specialist; MS, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007. Synoptic meteorology and forecasting

ES 322 (518) 437-3601 E-Mail

Chaina Porter, Administrative Manager

ES 351A (518) 442-4466 E-Mail

Kevin Tyle, Senior Programmer Analyst; System/Network Administrator; MS, Univ. at Albany, 1995

ES 235 (518) 442-4578 E-Mail

David J. Vollaro, MS, Univ. at Albany, 1988, Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology

ES 235 (518) 442-4273 E-Mail

Barbara Zampella, Research Administrator;

ES 220 (518) 442-4586 E-Mail