DAES Students Forecast for NASA Hurricane Field Campaign

DAES graduate students Alan Brammer and Stephanie Stevenson are currently working in a weather forecasting team in support of NASA’s HS3 field campaign to observe hurricanes in the Atlantic. (http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/hurricanes/missions/hs3/index.html#.Ui37X7wp2qA).

The HS3 field campaign, based out of Wallops, Virginia is using two unmanned Global Hawks to observe these important weather systems to improve our understanding of how their intensity changes and ultimately to better predict them. Chip Helms, another graduate student, is also part of the team and was based in Wallops earlier in the field campaign. The Department has been awarded over $1Million in research funding to participate in this 5-year project (PIs: Lance Bosart, Kristen Corbosiero, Jason Dunion, John Molinari and Chris Thorncroft).