Advisory Committee Members

Provost's Office  
Sheila Mahan Enrollment Management
Bruce Szelest                               Strategic Planning & Assessment                                       

Faculty & Staff  
Malcolm Sherman Council on Academic Assessment (CAA)
Vincent Idone Council on Research (COR)
Louise-Ann McNutt Graduate Academic Council (GAC)
David Wagner Council on Libraries, Information Systems, and Computing (LISC)
Steven Messner Governance Council
Pradeep Haldar Nanoscale Faculty Senate
Seth Chaiken Undergraduate Academic Council (UAC)
Gwendolyn Moore University Life Council (ULC)
David McCaffrey University Planning and Policy Council (UPC )

Vice Presidential Divisions  
Catherine Herman Advancement
Steven Beditz Finance & Business
Julia Filliponne  University Auxiliary Services 
Jacqueline Distefano Nanoscale Science and Engineering
Wendell Lorang President
Theresa Walker Research
Christine Bouchard Student Affairs
Deans' Representation  
Gregory Stevens College of Arts and Sciences
Hassaram Bakhru College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
Marjorie Pryse Graduate Dean
Helen Desfosses Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy
Michael Kavanagh School of Business
Julie Horney School of Criminal Justice
Susan Philips School of Education
Frances Reynolds School of Information Science and Policy
Nancy Persily School of Public Health
Katharine Briar-Lawson School of Social Welfare
Sue Faerman Undergraduate Dean
Meredith Butler University Libraries
Brianne Myers Student Association
Gurinder Singh Graduate Student Organization
Barbara Wilkinson Director of Assessment, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)