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Joining ASA Section on Methodology

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Joining ASA Methodology Section Announcement List

Description: The Section Mailing List is a moderated, low-volume mailing list for making announcements to all Methodology Section members. To make an announcement to the entire Section membership, please e-mail owner-methodology@listserv.asanet.org with your announcement. Non-members and the general public are NOT allowed to be on the Announcement listserv

How To Join: To receive ASA Methodology Announcements, please e-mail owner-methodology@listserv.asanet.org with a request to join. Section members are automatically subscribed to this list

Questions and Announcements: For substantive inquiry or comments, or to make an announcement to all Section members, please contact the mailing list manager at owner-methodology@listserv.asanet.org

How to Unsubscribe or Change E-mail: To remove yourself from the list or to update your e-mail, please contact ASA at sections@asanet.org


Joining ASA Methodology Section Discussion List

Description: The Section Discussion List is a forum for intellectual exchange on topics appropriate for the discipline and profession. This discussion list, unlike the Announcement list, is not "prepopulated" with e-mail addresses of section members. Section members who are interested in participating in the discussion list will need to subscribe by using the instructions below

How to Join: Send an e-mail to majordomo@listserv.asanet.org in the following format:

1) In the address field, type in majordomo@listserv.asanet.org

2) Leave the subject field blank

3) In the body of the message, type in subscribe methodology, and leave the rest of the body blank. Your e-mail should look something like this:

4) Send the message.

5) You will receive an e-mail confirmation from majordomo@listserv.asanet.org informing you that the request was received. You will be given an authorization key and instructions to respond back to majordomo. This step is to prevent users from subscribing other users without the latter's knowledge. Once this confirmation is sent back to majordomo, you will receive two messages from majordomo welcoming you to the subscribed list.

Guidelines for Discussion: To be developed

How to Unsubscribe: Section members can unsubscribe their list participation at any time by sending a message to majordomo@listserv.asanet.org and typing the following command in the body of the text:

unsubscribe methodology

Technical Help: For you reference, you can get a list of available majordomo commands by sending an e-mail to majordomo@listserv.asanet.org and typing help in the body of the message. You may also send your questions to infoservice@asanet.org


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