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2007 Clogg Scholarship Award
    To members of the ASA Section on Methodology:

ASA Methods Group and the ICPSR agreed to establish a scholarship award in honor of the late Clifford C. Clogg. Cliff was, of course, a major figure in quantitative social science research methodology.

Somewhat less well known is that Cliff was a strong supporter of and contributor to the ICPSR Summer Program.

The Clogg award is a waiver of Program Scholar fees to attend the FOUR and/or EIGHT-week ICPSR Summer Program. The scholarship will be awarded to a limited number of ADVANCED graduate students in Ph.D. programs.

Applications for the award should be addressed to:

Clogg Scholarship Award (Sociology)

ICPSR Summer Program

P.O. Box 1248

Ann Arbor, MI 48106

An Application should include:

(1) a Summer Program Application form

(2) a Vita

(3) a cover letter from the student explaining why he/she wants to attend the program and how this will aid in completion of the Ph.D.

(4) a faculty (presumably a member of the methods section) letter endorsing the student

(5) deadline for Application is April 27, 2007.

Program brochures and applications can be requested from the ICPSR Summer Program office, 734/763-7400, or via e-mail at sumprog@icpsr.umich.edu.

the brochure and application are in the ICPSR Homepage, http://www.icpsr.umich.edu/sumprog/ I encourage you to identify OUTSTANDING graduate students in quantitative methodology to apply for the Clogg Scholarship opportunity to attend the ICPSR Summer Program.

*Finally there is one change from previous years. For truly outstanding graduate students who are judged to be potential "CONTRIBUTORS to the quantitative methodology literature" there will be a small number of modest stipends awarded.*