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Call for Nominations for 2007 Clifford Clogg Award
    To members of the ASA Section on Methodology:

The Clifford Clogg award is presented for the best paper written by a graduate student that either makes a significant contribution to sociological methodology or that uses existing methodology in an innovative way to address an important substantive problem. The paper must have been written within two years of submission. The author/first author must be a graduate student at the time of submission and all authors must be graduate students when the paper was written. Nominations and self-nominations are welcome. Please send both a paper copy and an electronic copy of the paper by February 1, 2007 to Thomas A. DiPrete, Department of Sociology, Columbia University, 415 Fayerweather Hall, Mail Code 2551, 1180 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025, email:tad61@columbia.edu.