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    The ASA Section on Methodology aims to encourage the development of methodology and its application in Sociology. The term methodology shall be interpreted in its broadest sense to include the development of investigative techniques appropriate to any branch of sociology, of statistical and experimental procedures, and of mathematics, data processing, and such other interests as may be useful in sociological research.

      Chair: Ross M. ("Rafe") Stolzenberg, University of Chicago
    Chair-Elect: Tim Futing Liao, University of Illinois
    Past Chair: Thomas A. DiPrete, Columbia University
    Secretary-Treasurer: Guang Guo, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
    Section Council: Lingxin Hao, Johns Hopkins University
    Section Council: David B. Grusky, Stanford University
    Section Council: Kenneth C. Land, Duke University
    Section Council: Pamela Paxton, Ohio State University
    Section Council: Aimee Dechter, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Section Council: Trond Petersen, University of California-Berkeley
    Newsletter Editor: Lawrence E. Raffalovich, University at Albany-SUNY


Congratulations to 2007 Paul F. Lazarsfeld Memorial Award winner Stanley Lieberson and Arthur Stinchcombe, 2007 Leo Goodman Award winner Mitchell Duneier, and 2007 Clifford Clogg Award winner Paul von Hippel.

2007 Clogg Awards Nomination.

The Clifford Clogg Award is presented for the best paper written by a graduate student that either makes a significant contribution to sociological methodology or that uses existing methodology in an innovative way to address an important substantive problem. The paper must have been written within two years of submission. The author/first author must be a graduate student at the time of submission and all authors must be graduate students when the paper was written.

2007 Methodology Section Awards Nomination.

The Leo Goodman Award recognizes contributions to sociological methodology or innovative uses of sociological methodology made by a scholar who is no more than 15 years past Ph.D.

The Paul Lazarsfeld Award recognizes a career of scholarship to sociological methodology.

2007 Clogg Scholarship Award

ASA Methods Group and the ICPSR agreed to establish a scholarship award in honor of the late Clifford C. Clogg. Cliff, a major figure in quantitative social science research methodology.

The Clogg Scholarship award is a waiver of Program Scholar fees to attend the FOUR and/or EIGHT-week ICPSR Summer Program.


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Conference Announcement: First Annual SREE (Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness) Conference.

Midwinter Methodology section meeting will be held at the Duke University on Saturday, February 23, 2008. The theme is Networks, Methods & Global Health and organized by Prof. James Moody.

Spring Meeting Of the Methodology Section Of the American Sociological Association, March 2nd and 3rd, 2007. Yale’s Department of Sociology and the Center of Research on Inequalities and the Life Course (CIQLE) will host the 2007 Spring Meeting of the Section on Methodology of the American Sociological Association.

The The 11th Winter conference of the American Sociological Association Methodology Section was held at the University of Connecticut on April 14 and 15th, 2006. Eleven papers were presented covering a range of methodological and substantive topics.