Full Time Faculty

Elise Andaya (PhD, NYU, 2007)
Assistant Professor
Medical anthropology
E-mail: eandaya@albany.edu

Lee S. Bickmore (PhD, UCLA, 1989)
Department Chair
Linguistics, phonology, tone, stress, historical linguistics
Areas: Africa, Polynesia
E-mail: lbickmore@albany.edu

Michele Bleuze (PhD, Western Ontario, 2010)
Visiting Assistant Professor
Interests: Locomotor mechanics and behavioral ecology in Plio-Pleistocene hominins

George Aaron Broadwell (PhD, UCLA, 1990)
Interests: Linguistics, syntax, historical linguistics
Areas: North America
E-mail: gbroadwell@albany.edu

Louise M. Burkhart (PhD, Yale, 1986)
Interests: Ethnohistory/Historical ethnography; colonialism; folklore and folk narrative; Nahuatl language.
Areas: Mesoamerica
E-mail: lburkhart@albany.edu

Jennifer Burrell (PhD, New School for Social Research, 2005)
Associate Professor
Interests: Political economy, structural and political violence, human rights.
Areas: Mesoamerican and Latin America
E-mail: jburrell@albany.edu

James Collins (PhD, UC-Berkeley, 1983)
Interests: Linguistics, social theory, Athabaskan studies, education studies
Areas: North America
E-mail: jcollins@albany.edu

Timothy B. Gage (PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 1982)
Interests: Human biology, demography, population genetics, quantitative methods
Areas: Oceania
E-mail: tgage@albany.edu

Adam D. Gordon (PhD, University of Texas at Austin, 2004)
Assistant Professor
Interests: Paleoanthropology, primate evolutionary morphology, primate ecology
Areas: Madagascar, Africa, Asia, Neotropics
E-mail: agordon@albany.edu

John S. Justeson
(PhD, Stanford, 1978; MS in Computer Science, Stanford, 1988)
Interests: Linguistics, historical linguistics, language and prehistory, Mesoamerican languages and hieroglyphic writing, Indus Valley writing
Areas: Mesoamerica
E-mail: jjusteson@albany.edu

Walter E. Little(PhD, University of Illinois, 2001)
Associate Professor
Interests: Cultural and Ethnic Identity, Marketplace and Household Economics, Tourism, Urban Anthropology
E-mail: wlittle@albany.edu

Marilyn A. Masson (PhD, University of Texas, 1993)
Associate Professor
Interests: Archaeology, political organization, human ecology, ancient religion, zooarchaeology, lithic analysis
Areas: Mesoamerica, North America
E-mail: mmasson@albany.edu

Verónica Pérez Rodríguez (PhD, University of Georgia, 2003)
Assistant Professor
Interests: Ecological and Environmental Anthropology; Complex societies and urbanism; Landscape and regional studies.
Areas: Mesoamerica
Email: vperezrodriguez@albany.edu

Sean M. Rafferty (PhD, Binghamton University, 2001)
Associate Professor
Interests: Archaeology, Archaeometry, Ritual Practices
Areas: Eastern North America
Email: srafferty@albany.edu

Robert M. Rosenswig (PhD, Yale University, 2005)
Associate Professor
Archaeology, Origins of Social Complexity, Emergence of Agriculture
Email: rrosenswig@albany.edu

Lawrence M. Schell (PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1980)
Director, Center for the Elimination of Minority Health Disparities
Interests: Biological anthropology, medical anthropology, human growth and development, cities and health
Areas: urban North America
E-mail: lmschell@albany.edu

David S. Strait (PhD, SUNY Stony Brook, 1998)
Director, Human Biology Program
Interests: Biological Anthropology, Hominid Evolution
Areas: Africa
E-mail: dstrait@albany.edu

Stuart Swiny (PhD, University of London, 1979)
Associate Professor
Director, Institute for Cypriot Studies
Interests: Archaeology of Bronze Age Cyprus
Areas: Cyprus
E-mail: sswiny@albany.edu

Emeritus Faculty

Hetty Jo Brumbach (PhD, SUNY-Albany, 1978)
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Archaeology, ecology, ethnoarchaeology, museum studies, and gender.
Areas: North America
E-mail: hbrumbach@albany.edu

Robert M. Carmack (PhD, UCLA, 1956)
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Social Anthropology, Ethnohistory, Mesoamerican Studies, Social Theory
Areas: Central America
E-mail:  rcarmack@albany.edu

Robert W. Jarvenpa (PhD, Minnesota, 1975)
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Socio-cultural anthropology, ecology, interethnic relations
Areas: North America, Circumpolar
E-mail: rjarvenpa@albany.edu

Gail H. Landsman (PhD, Catholic University, 1982)
Associate Professor Emeritus
Interests: Cultural anthropology, gender, reproduction, feminist theory, disability studies, Iroquois
Areas: North America
E-mail:  glandsman@albany.edu

Ernest Scatton (Ph.D. Harvard University)
Professor Emeritus
Interests: Slavic (esp. South Slavic) and general lingustics; Bulgarian language and literature
Areas: Eastern Europe
Past editor, Slavic and East European Journal; Past president, AATSEEL
Email:  escatton@albany.edu