Lee S. Bickmore

Office: Arts & Sciences Building, Room 238
Ph: (518) 442-4160
E-mail: lbickmore@albany.edu                        Publications
PhD, UCLA, 1989                                           Curriculum Vitae

Lee S. Bickmore

Research Statement

Linguistic anthropologist and phonologist whose research focuses on linguistic prosody, including tonal, accentual, and metrical phonomena. A special concern is the interaction of several of these phenomena in the same language (i.e. when a single language resists classification as purely tonal or purely metrical stress). Area focus is mainly Bantu languages of Tanzania, Kenya, and Zambia with a secondary interest in Polynesian languages (particularly Tahitian). Data collected by field research for the most part, rather than from secondary sources.

Interests: Linguistics, phonology, tone, stress, historical linguistics
Areas: Africa, Polynesia.

Director, Program in Linguistics and Cognitive Science.

Jointly appointed in the Program in Linguistics and Cognitive Science.

Select Publications

Cilungu Phonology. 2007. Stanford, Center for the Study of Language and Communication.

Articles in Refereed Journals

Downstep and Fusion in Namwanga, Phonology 17(3): 297-333. 
Tones and Glides in Namwanga’Äù. In Advances in African Linguistics, V. Cardstens & F. Parkinson (eds.), Africa World Press, Trenton, Pp. 135-149.

High Tone Spread in Ekegusii Revisited: An Optimality Theoretic Account. Lingua 109: 109-153.

Metathesis and Dahl’s Law in Ekegusii. Studies in the Linguistic Sciences 28:2, 149-168.
Bickmore, L. & G.A. Broadwell. High tone docking in Sierra Juarez Zapotec. IJAL  64:1, 37-67.

Book Chapters

The use of feet to account for binary tone spreading. In Stress and Tone in Frankfurter Afrikanistische Blätter vol. 15, R. J. Anyanwu (ed.), Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Köln.

Accounting for compensatory lengthening in the CV and moraic frameworks. In New Frontiers in Phonology, J. Durand and F. Katamba (eds.), Longman, London.

Conference Proceedings

Stem Tone Melodies in Cilungu. In Proceedings of the SOAS Conference on Bantu Grammar. SOAS Working Papers, London. 
High-toned Mora Insertion Between Onsetless Morphemes in Cilungu. In Selected Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference on African Linguistics, D. Payne (ed.). Cascadilla Press, Somerville, MA.

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Bickmore, L. & G.A. Broadwell. High tone docking in Sierra Juarez Zapotec. IJAL 64:1.

Problems in constraining High tone spread in Ekegusii. Lingua 102(4): 265-290.


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