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Vision and Mission
The vision of UAlbany Advocates is to better inform, organize and engage alumni, students, faculty/staff and friends of the University to advocate on behalf of the University in the public policy arena and the media. UAlbany Advocates will engage opinion leaders, elected officials and community stake holders to influence and promote issues essential to the advancement of the University at Albany and higher education.

How It Works 
Alumni and friends of the University can make a difference in how the University prospers in New York by voicing their support in the public policy arena and the media. When the need arises, UAlbany Advocates will receive email Action Alerts describing the current issue and the University’s position and giving clear instructions for contacting legislators or the media. Advocates may be asked to email or write their legislators, write letters to the editor, blog about key issues or work with other UAlbany groups to sponsor lobby days and rallies. If you believe in UAlbany and want to help advocate for budget and other issues, please complete the form below and become a part of our advocacy network.
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To Whom Do You Say It

New York’s governor and state legislators exercise the greatest influence over higher education policy and funding, so when it comes to legislative advocacy, the UAlbany Advocates program concentrates our efforts on these key elected officials.

Below is contact information for these officials. If you are unsure who represents you in the state legislature, click below for assistance:

Find Your Senator

Find Your Assembly Member

Contact the governor and your state legislators and
voice yoursupport for higher education.

Thank you for helping to support the University at Albany!

To Write To The Governor:
David A. Paterson
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224


Click here to email the Governor

New York State Senate

New York State Assembly

How You Should Say It

Advocacy is not difficult. Once you try it, you'll gain confidence and realize that with a little preparation, you can communicate easily with your legislator or the media.

As a UAlbany graduate, you know the value of your college degree, and you know the value of publicly funded higher education today and in the future.

Tell your story from the heart. The UAlbany Advocates program can provide some talking points, but your greatest strength is your own story. Now is the time to tell it!

DOs and DON'Ts of effective legislative advocacy

  • If you are making a personal visit, schedule ahead.
  • Always organize your presentation whether you are writing, making a phone call or making a personal visit. Since all politics is local, it is effective to illustrate your point with a home town or personal example. If you need help with your presentation, phone the Alumni Association office for assistance (518) 442-3080.
  • Be brief. If you are making a personal visit, it should be no more than 15 minutes.
  • Always be friendly. If your senator or assembly member disagrees with you, simply state your views, listen politely to the opposing position and indicate you hope the two of you can work together on another issue in the future.
  • Be sincere. Remember: You are a taxpayer and a voter in the legislator's district. Elected officials work for you.
  • Leave a summary of your presentation and, if appropriate, ask for a follow-up response.
  • Say "thank you." If you have a personal meeting, send a follow-up thank you letter. In the letter, succinctly reiterate the key points you discussed in your meeting.


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