Student Connections

Take advantage of Alumni Association services and programs designed to enhance your student experience and prepare you for success when you graduate. Below are a few of the events and programs we offer:

UCAN: UAlbany Career Advisory Network -- Network with alumni around the country and the world through UCAN, an online database of UAlbany alumni who can provide valuable connections and information on job search strategies, specific companies, industry trends and professional organizations.

DANEger Zone – Be part our student fan club and celebrate your Great Dane spirit! Have fun, win great prizes! Join our Facebook page to stay connected and find out more about our upcoming events and promotion.

Scholarships – Apply for one of six scholarships offered annually by the Alumni Association.

Purple & Gold Student Ambassadors – Network with influential alumni and community representatives while acting as hosts at alumni, university and presidential events.

Legacy Program – Enjoy special programs and events recognizing this special group – families with two or more generations of UAlbany students.

Test Prep – Take advantage of GRE, LAST and GMAT courses at great prices.

Dinner with a Dozen Danes – Connect with UAlbany alumni in your field at small, informal gatherings hosted by alumni.


Big Purple Growl and Ferocious Feast –This annual basketball event features a double header with both men’s and women’s teams, generally the first Saturday in February.  Started in 1997, the Growl is a fun-filled, spirited event for Great Danes fans.

Homecoming – The entire UAlbany community comes together to celebrate and connect at this annual fall event.  Highlights include the Great Dane Pre-Game, football, Welcome Back Wine Tasting, tours and the President’s Legacy Reception.

Network NYC – Take advantage of this opportunity to network with Metro NY alumni at this annual event sponsored by the Alumni Association and the School of Business each January.

Alumni Panels – Work with the Alumni Association to coordinate an alumni panel of experts for your club or organization. Contact Melissa Samuels at the Alumni Association for more information.


Big Purple Growl 2013   Network NYC

For more information:
Call the Alumni Association at (518) 442-3080 or 1-800-836-ALUM
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